Painting My 1st Kits - GHSP

My kits have been layered with 4 flesh layers, mottled with reddish and purplish layers…then I started second guessing my plans to do a yellow wash next. The twins will be ethnic babies, and I feel like I should get the desired skin tones, blushes and shadowing before the yellow wash layer.

What do you think?

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Looking good.
Have you seen this post? @specialmoments Cierra is amazing and gave us this mini tutorial for free. :blush:


Great advice from @Katinafleming . Cierra is one of the best at ethnic painting!!


I use the primary method and Air Dry Paints. Don’t stop, they are looking good!


Thanks Anne. I reviewing Sue-Ellen’s tutorials now.

Once you get to creasing and shading on an ethnic doll they begin to come alive. Watch Kate Charles YouTube video on shading with beauty blenders. That took my ethnic painting to a new level.

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Oh, I see you use GHSP. :slightly_smiling_face:

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