Special Moments Reborn Nursery: Mini Tutorial Ethnic/AA Reborns (Blending & Maintaining Even Smooth Tones)


I’ve been compelled to share this little mini tutorial. This method works for me. This is something that I get asked about the most.

Below is Realborn Madison Awake. He will when completed be a nice Caramel AA tone.
Tip 1: Start with lighter colors/paint. I think there’s a misconception that you need to do deep colors like the Burnt Umbers and flesh 02 to achieve ethnic/AA. What has worked for me is transitioning from lighter to deep shades.

These are my sponges that I use to remove excessive paint before blending. I have these 4 sponges FOREVER. This is also how I order my colors when I say from lighter to darker tones.

ALL of my reborns share the same colors it’s just the number of layers and way/order of layers that gives me various tones.Example I may use a dark color on for building a base skin tone for a deeper tone but my use it as a shading color for a lighter tone.

To start:

Theses are the brushes I used. The one for applying the paint and two dry brushes to blend out the hard to reach areas like inners eyes, side of nose, creases, mouth, behind ears and such.

This is my sponge for removing excess paint and blending sponge. The big one did start the same size as the small one. lol

Paint color I am using this layer. This is one of my lighter shades but I have a slightly lighter one that was used to start. Madison has two layers of a lighter shade that I did before I decide to share.

Starting this is before. 2 layers already done on her.

1. I first apply the color using a mop brush just brushing it on

2. I take the large brush and just remove all excess paint and blend it out. I never remove paint from off that large sponge

3. Take a nylon/synthetic brush and run along the creasing removing paint (inner eyes, sides of nose, behind ears and etc.

After cleaning creasing.

5. Finally, I take the smaller sponge. Pounce & blend. Every so often I will take the sponge and press it firmly against the paper towel to remove paint. I take the dry brushes in a pouncing motion pouncing creasing, inner eyes, around nose, mouth, and such to make sure those areas are nicely blended.


ALWAYS blend the face first then work front to back. Never go over any areas that have begun to dry. This will cause unevenness.


Thanks for sharing!


Thanks -this is great -all of your babies are so beautiful-do you use air dry and ghsp?


I use GHSP.


Thank you for your tips! Something tells me I would still make a mess of this through. :joy::joy:


Thanks for sharing …I need to achieve the rich chocolate tones


I will be making my first A.A. Baby in about a month, this is perfect timing. Thank you so much. I take it these are all your own custom mixed colors, not b.b. skin tones…


You are using Genesis right?


Essentially I do use my own custom mixes BUT I do use some of the Flesh tones from GHSP but I will add colors in them to get my own mixes. I use premixed Brow Brown from BB (I think may be just Raw Umber but not 100% if not it’s very close).




I will get that color next. My kyra , ( making a cuddle baby so tackling just a head to start) is already A.A. Vinyl. Does that change things much?


I personally have never painted an biracial/AA kit before. I wouldn’t start with a very light shade but would still keep the same idea of transition from lighter to dark. Maybe start with a mix that a shade darker than the kit and go from there. The whole blending method doesn’t change. Taking a sponge lightly pouncing just to remove excess paint to start. Cleaning the creasing and then blending.


Perfect thank you thank you :slight_smile:


Just wanted to show after I start getting into the darker colors. This is layer 5.


This is so great, I love the pictures and you explain things so well.


thank you I’m making my first mixed baby right now. I’m so excited to see the finished baby. You don’t add color to the lips till the end? I’m also doing my first non B.B. kit grrrrr! I’m thinking I’m never going to get rid of the peach color. Thanks for your tips!


Yes I don’t paint the lips until the end. When do doing limbs I don’t paint palms until the ends as well. I don’t neutralize kits typically unless German vinyl which tends to be very peachy -orange. Most kits I found have nice bases.


I thought about the hands and feet but I ask for pictures of her hands and feet and they are the same color as her skin. I don’t know about when she was a baby she’s 3. I’m happy to have someone that doesn’t mind my asking these questions to. This little girl will need a baby to cuddle with her moms a drug addict and her dad got in trouble while drunk and will be going to jail for a long time. My friend may get her she’s her God mother.


@specialmoments yep thats exactly what I do with sponges too. I never clean or replace them :slight_smile:


I replace my blending sponges every so often but never throw them away. Those other ones I’ve had forever lol I have bags and bags of used sponges :joy::joy: