Packing a baby help

What do you use to stuff around the baby?

When I send off a baby I bubble wrap the baby swaddled in a blanket, wrap some of the extras in tissue paper or put them in organza bags, and fill any extra space with packing peanuts.


Thank you.
Where do I get packing peanuts?

I wrap the blanket wrapped baby in bubble wrap. I send more than one outfit and some little extras. I wrap those in baby shower paper from the Dollar Tree. I save the pillow packing and boxes from all my Amazon orders. I use the pillow packing to fill in any gaps. I rarely buy shipping materials. Walmart, Staples and Office Depot all have bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Compare prices online to see who has the least expensive ones.


Ok thank you.
It might only sell for 60.00 and then i have to pay to ship and pay Ebay fees.
Should I add extras still?

I feel like a failure.
Some people sell for soooo much more.

You shouldn’t have to pay to ship if you’re charging the buyer for fees. List for $80 or $90 buy it now and have the Or Best Offer option selected, with $60 as your minimum offer.

You can say “Extras will be added when doll is purchased at the buy it now price” If they want extras they can pay for them. If they don’t, they can offer less.

Also don’t feel like a failure. You’re catering to people who want a reborn doll but can’t afford a super expensive one. You’re helping to reduce the purchases of the fake China kits. You are promoting the purchase of authentic kits while supporting a real artist rather than a machine. You’re not a failure, you’re catering to a different market. Please don’t compare yourself to others :heart:


You can put a reserve price on a doll you sell on eBay. You don’t have to take whatever bid someone makes. I’d never sell one of my babies for $60, not even the minis. They cost more than that to make. Forget eBay. Come on over to No eBay fees, no percentages. You can add shipping to the cost of the doll or charge for it separately. You don’t just eat it.


They charge you if you do a reserve so i started it at 49.99.

I listed it on other places and it just sits there.

Definitely agree with others, go to reborns. com over eBay. Also, I wouldn’t put any extras in with your price being so low.


Thank you.

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Thank you Sydney, I appreciate your kindness. You’re right, I shouldn’t compare myself. I haven’t practiced a ton and thats how you get better at it.

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If you show us some pictures we might be able to help improve your skills if you’re interested. There are some very helpful, accomplished artists on this forum.


I did put some pictures up of the Rebekah kit.
Im not sure what Im doing wrong.


Share your listing and we can all add your baby to our watch list… after fees, you will be taking a huge loss…

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Thank you. It did sell for 94.00 but I think ebay fees bring it down to about 60 something and then shipping in a priority box is 25.00.

But I forgot to say US shipping only so i think the person is in Canada but it said to send it to a shipping hub in Illinois.

Im confused.

And my other doll was bid on by someone with zero feedback so i think its s scam.

No feedback isn’t always a scam. Sometimes it’s just their first purchase. There’s nothing wrong with your doll. If you sold it for $94 minus eBay fees and shipping you only made $9. That doesn’t even cover the cost of a head. Also, when you price dolls too low, people think there must be something wrong with them. Again, come on over to and raise your prices. You also may have to adjust your expectations as to how quickly they’ll sell. Some people have a following of repeat buyers and sell in a day or two. My fastest sale (also my highest priced) was 2 weeks. My longest time listed was several months, but they all sold eventually.


Yeah, I might be impatient. I get scared it won’t sell.

Its 30.00 a month if you have stuff listed?

What if nothing sells?
Its just hard because Im a single mom.

I just sold one that I listed in 2022 (not active member the whole 2 years though). I also just sold ones I listed the night before.

Point being every doll sale varies. I can not rely on sales.


Your listings stay once your 1 month is over but they are not active on the site. You will have to share your listing to people.

Only active members listings are shown

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Oh wow.
Well I’ll see. Im not sure what to do.
I appreciate all the advice.

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