Packing a baby help

Oh so you just pay monthly if you want to do it that month? It doesn’t charge you automatically?

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Or you can pay in advance and save some $ but I havent done so myself.

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Go on over to reborns and list. But i will say. If you are relying on doll sales to make ends meet…well…i wouldnt.

Your dolls are beautiful. This isnt anything against your skill as an artist. But we are all struggling and doll sales are down across the board.

Also. Dont compare yourself to other artists sales. Ive been making reborns for over 20 years. Had my dolls used in tv shows and sold all over the world. Its just bad right now all all around no matter hov good the doll is.

That being said… list on reborns and wait it out. You do make nice babies.


Thank you so much. I appreciate that. I do need to be patient.

Thank you

I, personally, think constantly talking about how bad sales are makes it more discouraging. The economy’s bad, the world is in a sorry state, we’re competing with knockoffs and scammers and still, dolls are selling. It’s often taking longer, but they are being sold. We have to remember that.


That’s true.
Thank you.

I agree, sales aren’t bad for every artist. Mine have been as good this year as the previous 5+ I’ve sold. It takes time to build up a customer base, social media following and regulars. You have to make cute posts, engage people, take really good pictures to get attention. That takes time to learn as well. I would never count on doll sales for my only income, it can be too sporadic.


Im not saying they dont sell. But the fact remains that it’s hard to demand and get top dollar for them. Between the scammers and the massive amount of inflation. Dolls are a luxury and so the high ones tend to sit a lot longer than they used to. I used to sell a doll in 2 days. Or less. Sometimes just by posting progress pictures. Its just not that easy any more for most.

Making and selling is great. But it doesmt pay the bills and its incredibly risky to depend on it. For most of us it just pays enough to maie another doll.


I know an artist who used balloons :balloon: to pack her babies, blown up to different sizes.
Also one thing I did when I paid for my reborns for 1 month, I tried to sell a few small items to help cover the fee. I personally made rattles, but brainstorm maybe you can come up with something.
Then after your paid month is up I could still offer her/him anywhere like facebook etc just by sharing her direct link :grin:.

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Thank you so much. Those are great ideas.:blush:

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I wrap my babies in bubble wrap and then cushion them in the box with air pillows. I get a lot of air pillows with my Amazon shipments, so I save those and use them.


Awesome idea! Thank you!

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