Oops forgot the pic

This is my reborn baby Harper. He was reborned at 5pm. Not the greatest. I’m still in learning mode. He was fun to do. There are oopsis on him. But through him I’ve learned alot. My rooting sucks still , but he does have a circle in the crown. He has plugs in his scalp. I plan to use a fork needle for the next one. Still I feel great about him. I’m not ready to sell any yet. I’m working hard to learn as much as I can. I’m learning techniques and i accept all criticism. I signed up on patreon and i love watching Sue ellen. She works with air dry. I know it will be a while before i feel secure enough to sell babies, so for now he will be a prop baby.


You’re hooked now :slight_smile:
Sue Ellen’s patron is great!


He’s cute!