OMG they are killing me!

I have my Lexi listed on Ebay and on and just received a message from a mom who wants me to send her to her for free, since her daughter has wanted one FOREVER and it’ll be the perfect Christmas gift.


Well, I’d like a new Jeep for Christmas, red please…just park it in my garage since I’ve wanted one FOREVER.

It’ll be the perfect Christmas gift. Seriously.


What is wrong with people!!!

I was just explaining to the ladies in the fabric store who were fascinated by my reborns, that they were so time intensive, that I really didn’t feel like I could earn enough selling them to make it worth my while. They seemed to understand, because we were chatting about how they were made and I was telling them the basic steps.

Seriously, does this woman expect to go to work for a whole week and NOT get a paycheck at the end? Of course NOT!!!


Some people need to get a grip LOL



This is so frustrating. From not until Christmas we will all be getting these messages…on ebay…facebook… etsy…wherever we have our babies listed. Tis the season to beg and cry for freebies!! grrrrr :angry:


But…it’ll be the perfect Christmas gift… :laughing:


They can dream can’t they?


LOL! Yep, they sure can! :smile:

Did she try that with American Girl Doll company or Ashton Drake? Wonder how far she’d get with them?

I wonder if we could formulate some kind of response that was serious, yet kind and brutally honest at the same time.

How about, “Oh honey, the reality is, I have hundreds of dollars in supplies and 40 to 60 hours of work invested into each and every doll. I’m sure you understand why I couldn’t possibly give these one of a kind original collectibles away for free.”


In that NEW JEEP! I have LOADS of it!!! @anon77773884 :smile:


Well, she just messaged me again with “I don’t think she’d like this particular one anyway”

Alrighty, then!

Pretty picky for FREE!


I know, right!!! :smiley: I can’t be giving out just ANY free babies…they have to be top of the line, my best work EVER!


That’s what you should respond!!!


That actually made me mad!!! :triumph:

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I hope you put her straight on your BBL. You really do not want her to bid.


That is just insane. It’s so hard to comprehend how and why some people think the way they do. We all know that doing something like that is just plain out there. So this person has to have some kind of disturbance going on in the electrical system in her head. It always makes me feel better if I tell myself someone like this has a medical condition (mental) that makes them do things like this. Lol, it helps me calm down and let go of it for my own sanity. We will always encounter people like this in every aspect of life. That being said, she’s a nut case, who’s next!


Karen, You always seem to get these crazy people and I love your since of humor about it. I get them once in a while. I try to be polite, but that doesn’t always work. I tell them to call Santa to see if the big guy can help them out.


It is very annoying…!!..:frowning: …what is wrong with these people…??

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Karen, how DO they find you?

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Tell her you’ll swap her equal baby making hours for her manual labor hours…house cleaning, yard work, (washing and waxing your new jeep lol) etc and see if she still wants a “free” baby.


Seems so asinine for an adult i wonder if the poster was the child herself.
I havent done my first reborn but i quilt and do all steps by hand…Nobody that hasnt done it or has a relative who does knows the many many hours and thousands of stitches involved in just one quilt from material to finished quilt.