Okay serious mail issue

Hey everyone.
So, today I went to ship off a package and I informed them that my last two packages we’re not side for even though they were insured. I was also told that packages over $500 had to be signed for. Two packages I sent were not. So they told me to do a signature confirmation sheet but then said you can’t put insurance on signature confirmation sheets. The address of the customer did not pull up through their system so they hand typed it in and suggested that it was green receipt because with the green receipt they will not leave it with the person unless it’s personally signed for. What are your thoughts on this and which way do you ship?

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That’s really strange? I just tell them I need insurance for “such and such” amount, and that I will be needing signature confirmation on delivery. They plug that right into the computer and it’s always been fine. When it gets delivered then the tracking information says delivered and signed for by: so and so.


I do all of my labels on line and never had an issue. I just check the boxes and choose how much insurance I need. Very odd! Our post office is way to busy so that is why I never go in.


My post office said the insured amount needed to be OVER $500, so I do $501.
That is why.


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Well i had to packages that were insured for over 5 and they left on the door step soooooo, should i send with insurance or should i sent certified green reciept?

You can pay an extra 3 dollars or so and get signature confirmation. It doesn’t have to be insured for a certain amount or anything.

So you would trust just signature confirmation and no insurance? That is what I did this time.

I do insurance and signature confirmation all the time. None of mine have been over $500 so IDK what that’s about. The green receipt is certified. If the person isn’t at home they leave a card saying it’s at the post office and the recipient has to pick it up or have it redelivered when they’ll be there to sign for it.

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I have no idea. They just told me today I could not do insurance and singature confirmation. Grrr

I have never shipped over $500 so not sure if maybe that is different?

I shipped today with insurance and signature confirmation.

I do the shipping online and print it out at home, then drop it off at the post office (or have them pick it up if it is faster)


Are you using USPS?

Yes! my last package they said they were suppose to sign. This time I said what can I do because these are expensive packages. She told me to send green reciept which I did but I don’t have insurance on it. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Sounds like they are confused; my guess is that when you insure for over $500 it must be with signature on delivery, Basically they will not accept the insurance cover unless it is required the parcel is signed for. Why not log into the USPS website and see what you can find.

I cannot see a reason why you would not be able to buy insurance as well as want signature, unless insurance would automatically mean they have to sign? But that is not what they are telling you.

Could they have meant that insurance and signature confirmation don’t come together but have to be purchased separately? That’s how it is at my post office.


I always take my packages to the post office and just tell the clerk how much insurance I need and that I need a signature on delivery. If a package is insured for more than $500 the signature on delivery is supposed to be included without additional charge to you. I’ve never had an issue getting them to do it either way there.
I have had an issue with getting a package insured when I tried to mail it USPS at a UPS store. They wouldn’t take it as a UPS package unless they actually packaged it all themselves and I wasn’t going to unwrap it all and mess up the box opening I’d prepared. And, even though they will take mail and packages for USPS, they wouldn’t insure them. Needless to say I tried to mail there once and have always gone to the post office since.
If you were at a USPS site and the clerk didn’t know how to add a signature on delivery you got someone who needs a bit more education about their job! It’s possible to do just what you were trying to do and it’s not that hard!


Thats the thing, I paid fot insurance which is suppose to come with a signature and it was dropped off at the door twice with no signing. So they said i can certify it to have it signed but you cant get insurance.

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I send all my dolls priority insured USPS… I never did the signature confirm, but just fully insure so they always require a signature… haven’t lost on YET, as I know anything can happen.
our Fed Ex and UPS is a mess in our area, so don’t trust them, but think it differs area to area

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Soooo, a mattress showed up at my door today and my other package is floating around. LOLOL. Sounds like a mail issue in my area.

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Ask to speak to someone else next time if they still give you the run around. You can pay for signature confirmation of delivery for priority mail no matter how much insurance you buy. It’s automatically included if you insure for more than $500, but it’s still available for an additional charge for less expensive items.
Someone there is not doing their job and they are making your mailing experiences really difficult when they shouldn’t be. Maybe you could go online to the USPS site and find the info you need and print it out so you can prove to them they are either misinformed or crazy!


lolol I didn’t mention the mattress isn’t mine!!!