New addition to my nursery!

I got a phone call this morning that my newest addition is on her way to me, should be here Monday I am soooo excieted! Ann sent me pictures to my face book I wanted to share with y’all because I know you know what I am feeling! She is a full body silicone Malia by Tasha!


Oh my goodness she is gorgeous!! I’m so jealous.I hope u post pics when u get her

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Are you serious Angel??? LUCKY LUCKYLUCKY!!! I want to hold her!!! Your husband must be REALLY nice! Lolololol


I will and yes I have the best husband! I have been waiting for her since June he bought her for me for our anniversary ! Can’t wait to hold and cuddle her.


Congratulations !!! She’s beautiful

Wow. Very very cute

Congratulations! She is so sweet and beautiful.

Congratulations . . . You must be so excited ! She is gorgeous !

Soooooo gorgeous!..Love her!

Thank you all ! I am sooo over the moon !

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I love that you are so happy angel!!! :heart:️:heart:️

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She is a long time coming! makes up for Serenity mishap lol

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Oh I so want to be your neighbor…I’ll come over for coffee every morning. I’d be happy to watcher for you while you do your house work and other things. She is awesome!!! You should be thrilled.


You are so cute@blissfulbabies!

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Come on over ! Would enjoy it so very much !

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I’m coming too! How far is Utah from texas???

Come on not far 99 dollars u be here by plane in an hour wooo hooooo !


Are u serious angel?

I’m 10 hours away from Dallas , I’m in McAllen. There are no straight shot flights from here. The airport is as big as my house. Lol meaning not big !! Lol

What’s the closes air port Laredo or Houston ? I was checking flights to fl to go see kids and from salt lake to Houston was 99 and then hundred and change to fl from Houston I lived in Houston for 8 years