Need Tips on Weighing & Assembling Toddler

I have painted a few toddler kits but never assembled one. What is the best way to weigh a toddler? Like how far up the limbs do you put weighting material such as glass beading or plastic poly-pellets? Also, is it necessary to use an armature so that head sits up on its own? Thanks in advance for your help.


I am no expert, but I weight them lightly for their size. Last one, ik weighted between wrist and elbow, feet up to calf. Put a sack in the butt, a smaller one between shoulder blades. I made an armature out of pipe insulation from home depot and didn’t weight the head. I used glass beads, but who knows what the experts use… hopefully one of them will chime in. :grin:

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I weight mine the same as DollyPardon. I recently purchased a armature for Taylor and am only using because she is standing and the wire one I made did not work well. I am currently working on Kitten and will not be using one since she is a smaller sitting toddler. For Tibby sitting, I used a pool noodle on the neck area to help stabilize as advised by some others. Pia recommends also you can use pipe foam insulation in neck area on smaller toddlers. I am looking to find the kind she posted on here.


I do all my toddlers the same way. fine glass beads to 1/2 way between the knee and thigh on legs, 1/2 way between the elbow and shoulder in arm, pack in fiberfill tightly, and seal. body I use fiberfill in butt, then big bag of larger glass beads in a stocking,and fiberfill packed in. I use a pipe insulator tube (buy at Lowes in the plumbing dept for about 2 bucks for 6’) cut them to length from where the belly button would be to about 5" out of the neck. I have used them the whole time I have been reborning, so toddler doens’t slump. Mine all weight between 11-12 lbs and never had a complaint? what works for me and my buyers


p.s I have never weighted a toddler head, just fill completely with fiberfill


You aren’t talking about PVC pipe, are you?

I weight them different then a baby, I fill the glass beads only just past the ankles not to the knees and wrist not quite to the elbows. I put the glass only in the bum area, so it feels weighted when you pick them up to carry them. That is a lot of glass beads and adds a lot of weight because of the size of the limbs. I stuff the head fully with fiberfill packing it well in but I don’t add any weight to the head other then that.

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no, it is black foam… I stuff the inside of the foam with polyfill too, to make it good and sturdy. I have used it since I started reborning, for toddlers . It really helps :slight_smile:


Hey! I know this is an old post. Question I have is when you insert the pipe into the cloth body do you anchor it with something? I understand you also fill the insulation itself with polyfill.

I used an armature n I put the pipe around the armature. I did not secure it. I used the thick plumbing pipe. Are you using an armature? If not, I don’t think you would have anything to secure the pipe too.