Need opinions on Maddie

hi guys. merry christmas eve!!! so, yesterday i finished maddie (I still have to root her). I’m still fairly new to the reborn world and doing her was a big challenge for me but i think i did ok. i took some photos of her but they didnt really show the details that she has, like veins and mottling bc my camera is really bad and the weather isn’t the best today. can I have your honest opinions? she’s my 5th baby if I’m not mistaken and I feel like I have improved a little. I painted her with air dry and i have a really hard time with it but i make it work i guess. I know her eyebrows are kinda bad but I just gave up on doing them lol


Very nice skin tones. Once she has a head full of dark hair, her eyebrows will blend right in. The only thing throwing her off to me is her eyes. I think the colored part is too big.



Those eyes are def. wrong, other than that, I think she looks good :slight_smile:


She is a cutie!! Her skintones are really good!!!

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Her eyes make her look alternative to me.


dark hair is definitely the one I’ll be going for. do you think that if I change the eye color to brown it’ll look better?

thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

do you think that brown eyes would fit her better than the blue ones?

The issue with the eyes is the colored part takes up most of the space. Brown might look better but you need it to show some more white on the sides.


I agree. I think that I have one with a smaller colored part so I’ll try that

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I really like your nails. She’s a cutie!

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I like the color of the eyes they just seem a bit too large.

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i like them as well but sadly they’re the only pair I have in that color

I appreciate that, thank you :hugs:

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Such a pretty girl :heart:

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Looks great! Love her nails!

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It’s not the color, it the size.

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she looks adorable

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I agree with the others about her irises being too large. She is really cute though! With appropriately sized irises she will be beautiful.

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I think her eyes are beautiful. I’m surprised to see I’m in the minority on this.

Love her lashes and nails!

It looks to me like her limbs are darker than her face.

The eyebrows might not be detailed, but they look like they are in the right place, decent shape and size.