Need kit matches

I am actively in process of finding kit matches for these two little babies. These photos are of them at a few months old. I think my client is wanting more newborn babies up to maybe about a 3 month old age and open eyes.

I’d prefer BB kits or kits that are easily available. Not long sold out editions that I’ll never find at a decent price.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Would Ava by Cassie Brace work for the first one?

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With the first one, I kind of see Tobiah Eagles. Even with the leg positioning.

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Something like Ana by Gudrun Legler

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Lillian Donna Rubert for #2 maybe

I’ll have to look her up again. Is she limited and hard to find? Thanks for the suggestion

I’ll look that one up too. Thank you.

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Awe she’s cute. I’m going to show these suggestions to him and see what he thinks.

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She does kinda look like Tobiah… that one is a little bigger than he is wanting though. But I do see it lol

I’ll still show it to him

1 Like still has Ava but she’s kind of expensive.

I saw MacP is supposed to get more… I just wonder how long it will take?

Here are these two together.


Definitely has that expression in the mouth.

Here is the other baby with a different pic of baby 2


I don’t like this one for #2 Mandy, the bottom lip is to thin, the eyes are to puffy, and the nose it too bulb-y. The suggested one above “Ana” by Gudrun Legler is a real good match (I think)

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Are you meaning the baby in the picture above your comment?

Yes, I don’t think that is a good match. JMO lady. If you guys like it--------

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LOL. That one is also Ana Legler

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@jubileej. Julie… I am buying her kit . Thank you soooo much


Ha Ha, that’s funny----goes to show you what I know!!! Maybe it’s just the way it’s painted that makes it look so different. Is she available??

@lynn She is available … if he thinks that one will work I’ll get it ordered too.

I just bought Ava Brace for the other one. Like 4 other people suggested Ava and he agreed to that one.

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