Need help please ! Fix le doll!

I recently bought a limited edition Presley awake and he arrived damaged ! And I cannot get a refund. I wanted to know if anyone could help in guiding me on how to repair him . His head is slightly slanted like it sunk in and his head is rock hard on the top and one side of his face from too much glue I presume from gluing his hair on the inside and was wondering how I could remove the glue or at least soften it to fix the shape of his head . He has been painted with ghsp and vanished and has rooted hair . Also would like to possibly strip his paint and fix it. He looks very blotchy and crusty . Thank you !

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Not sure about the other things but I’d use Windsor and Newton to strip his paint.

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Sometimes showing a picture would help.

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Why are you not able to return for a refund?If you pay with PayPal,you should be able to return for a refund.


I’ve tried all week and the lady I got left from said she will not accept returns and so they granted it to her . Pay Pal wouldn’t help . Neither would eBay. They closed the case and said I couldn’t re open it

I even explained to them about the damage . Sent photos. And any other proof I had and nothing. Also, had to wait over 2 weeks for him to get here when it was supposed to be 3 days at the most . I played for priority 2 day shipping and she shipped him parcel ground without my permission

It’s hard to see i will have to try to take better pictures

If you don’t mind, what is her ebay? I want to add her to my block list…I can’t believe Ebay and PayPal couldn’t help you…they almost certainly in most cases side with the buyer no matter what, I’m saying that as a seller! I’m so sorry for you, I can’t imagine your situation! Can you possibly try again?


So sorry that happened to you, I would pluck hair out with tweezers and strip her, or make a Zombie Baby. Good Luck with her, that is a nice kit otherwise.

Poor baby looks very blue.Who made her?

That means nothing; that is only for change of mind. If there is something wrong, even if the damage happened in transit the seller is responsible. Did you call PP and eBay?
What exactly did you say in the case? You need to say that the item is significantly not as described.
call them and if they refuse to look into the case again, tell them that you will be contacting financial ombudsman:

Thank you so much I told them it was,significantly not as described and about the shipping issue and to be honest I feel horrible even sending it back if that was even still a possibility becsuse I hate seeing someone’s work if art get even more ruined . I love him no matter what and would love to keep him but I want the oppertunity to fix him . He’s a beautiful doll other than his flaws.

A woman on etsy made her from fairytale village.

Jsaffer12 is the seller .

This is posted on that site - All sales final except in damaged or broken pièces. - I would think that would apply to your doll .
It would appear she has not posted a picture of her own work but the prototype picture instead and states you have to ask for pictures of her work .
Did she give you pictures of her work before ordering your doll ? I hope you can get this taken care of so sorry you had this problem .

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She’s giving the rest of us a bad name. This is why people are hesitant to buy Dolls. I’m so sorry for you. Keep working on EBay and PayPal. If you wanted to go to all that work you could have made your own.

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I bought the doll from someone off of eBay. She originally got the doll from a doll maker on etsy that goes by fairytale village . So I didn’t get it directly from the artist . But I just want to get him fixed I have grown a bond to him already even though he is damaged . I am hoping to find someone that can tell me how to fix him or possibly someone willing to try and fix him for me . Someone that has better experience as I don’t.

You can put the head in the oven (cover the hair with a wet cloth to protect it) and reshape the head while still warm. Stuff with paper towels or poly fil to reshape.

The intense coloring makes me wonder if she was “trying” to do Misty’s style of paining. If I were going to fix the paint without stripping, I would start with a warm wash and a little darker skin tone. Those two layers should pull the colors together as well as warm the baby up. Does this sound like a good plan to anyone else?