Need help please ! Fix le doll!

So i didn’t see your reply before I attempted something else , however it worked !!! I boiled the head because the glass beads and everything was melted into the head and it worked it all came out and his head is good as new and so soft like the vynil originally was!! I am so proud of myself lol I know nothing about reborning yet I just recently bought everything needed to start. Now I just need to fix the paint and the hair all came out so it needs to be rooted again . But I got the worst part fixed which is a start!.


So this clarifies it better and would explain why you could not get a refund from the maker of the doll most likely.

Depends on when she started fixing it herself.


Here is the artist’s Etsy shop.

She provides no photos of her work up front but the best prototype artists, like Silvia and LNDM, as the photos that prospective customers see. One has to read her description to find out she will send photos of her work upon request. This is not acceptable for an artist who does customs. Artists are responsible for putting their work out there for people to see. It would be ok to show a photo of the prototype of a kit as long as she has plenty of pictures of her own work next to it and labeled clearly as such. Not sure what she did with Presley Awake but he is definitely too blue and pale.

I hope she can be fixed without stripping and redoing.

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The ready to ship ones seem to be hers?

I remember this lady and this shop being talked about before…


Oh I was right! Ugh! @jsolnushko had an issue with Noelle also.


I’d go open up a PayPal case!! I’d state item not as described. Is this the listing you purchased?
I’m sorry but nothing ticks me off worse than when a seller uses an artists photo as their own when selling a custom order.
This is Silvia Creations amazing work.
If you paid 799-- this woman should be ashamed as well for the doll she sent you. He’s extremely blue and pale.
I’m very upset for you. Do not stop until you get your way. You can open a PayPal case and call PayPal and speak to someone too.

She stated earlier that she bought the doll from someone other than the artist off of E bay wouldn’t she have to go by what was stated from that sale? I am unfamiliar with the whole thing it is just something I gathered from reading other things like this on here.

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Glad you were able to get that part fixed…

What did she do this time ? It has been few years now since that happened to me omg I hope you were able to solve it

She is the artist that created this baby to begin with.

What did the pictures in the listing you bought it from look like?

Can we see him now. @Jhassler5

So I am trying to understand since I am viewing this from phone and it’s hard to see what happened . So someone else bought the doll just like I did from Noelle from Etsy ? That’s was in my post few years ago and now same story to someone else’s ? Is this same lady who made my Charlotte ?

Yes, same artist. But this one was sold by someone who had bought him from Noelle. This lady did not buy directly from Noelle like you did

I see . Wow I am not the only one I guess . That’s a shame

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Can this be reported to Etsy, seems very unethical selling tactics.

I have gotten his head fixed just wanted to update . Bit he still needs a ton of work . He needs to be re painted and hair re rooted since fixing his head it all came out