N you all

Ladies I hope you are all safe and healthy. It’s been alittle over a year since I’have began reborning. Today I see the mistakes I’ve made since I started. I realize now how much I have learned about reborning. When I first started I would constantly ask simple and silly questions. A wise woman on here suggested I use the search engine. She also said I should use the color circle and that it would be my best friend. She was right. I have done that and I always find answers to what I need . I am impressed with all I learned and I keep learning . Today my babies are turning out so much better. I’m still learning. I recently had problems wit my primer and getting my paints to stick. All babies are not the same. What works on one doesn’t always work on another. I searched the issue on here and have found my resolution. You may not realize it , but you are all so important to us newbies . So with that being said thank you once again. Your grateful student.


LOL, I was intrigued by the title ‘N you all’ and expected to read something like ‘Fxxxk you all’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I was pleasantly surprised!
And I agree, this forum is a great well of knowledge. I wouldn’t be even near where I am today without this forum.


What a beautiful and touching message! Thank you for making me smile! Whether I have actually helped you or not, your message was inspiring to me!


Hahaha I had the same thought.

Really nice post.


Thank you, Maritza.
I love the information that has been shared here over the years. So much experience shared :heart: