My work station:)

A peek at the place all the magic happens:) I recently painted the walls in my studio this deep turquoise so I have to show it off. THIS is my favorite room in the house- I really want all my walls this color now! Slowly this deep turquoise is creeping into other rooms though- just got a bedspread this color, and pillows ect:) what does your paint area look like?! This is mine- on a super clean day anyways! I’ll have to take some “REGULAR days” pics :slight_smile:


Love the color, the settee, everything!

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This is my work room. Functions as my office, library, craft room, baby station.


Much more space than me!!! I feel closer in a bit sometimes-

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I need to get one of those plastic tablecloths…good idea.

You guys are far neater than I am…my studio is a mess LOL. I am trying, I just moved back in there from the living room since my step daughter moved back out. Im trying to make things a bit more neat and tidy in there.


@RebornsbyZebra almost all my workstation things came from Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Walmart and other rooms in my house. I wanted to have a place for everything, for it to look cute & be totally wipeable, so lots of plastic, lol…


Looked at your pics again- THAT RUG!!! Where did you get that beautiful rug from?

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Mine is just a folding table in my dining room “studio”. I do my photography there too, using the same table lol . I don’t always clean between babies, but I usually go 1-3 months between painting each doll so I put stuff away then. Right now is my busiest time with lots of customs happening so nothing gets put away. Here is mine before I start painting and after 3 or 4 dolls (I lost track)


Beautiful madness of being creative! I love it:) my station gets wild like that too.


Right! It kinda looks like a crime scene but it’s awesome at the same time. I keep my paint mixes on a high shelf because I have a curious kitten. I keep the same mixes for each doll so I just put them up and add more thinner next time. None of those are in the pic cause I haven’t painted recently, I’m out of kits until someone sells :rofl:

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Wayfair!!! It’s a 5x7, and was less than $100 w/free shipping. I also got my living & dining room rugs there. You may like them too since we both love color. I’ll send a pic…

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Mine is a folding table under the vinyl tablecloth. I got it at Walmart thinking it’d be great in my laundry room to fold on. But I ended up just stacking junk on it, lol…

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@PaperCityDolls great price on these too. They’re huge, I got 2 for less than $300. 10x13 size…


I have to get one!!

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This is mine. I call it The Super Fun-time Room . The mirror on the floor is because my dog loves to look at her beautiful reflection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is my “work” room. Its a cake room/reborn/spare bedroom :smile::smile::smile::smile: its really big. The Refrigerator is there because I also make cakes .

This is one half of the room
And this is the other end of the room :smile:

When working on cakes…
And when working on a baby

And this is my backyard view. So peaceful and relaxing, this pic I took at sunrise


Omg I’m coming over! :slight_smile:

Everyones welcome !!


@Rosa05 Oh my, I want this view! And that cake!

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The view is quit nice, but sadly I’m usually to busy to enjoy it :rofl:

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