My version of Presley Asleep

Hello everyone here are a few quick photos of my version of Presley asleep. I am awaiting his wardrobe but wanted to post a few photos. I must say the kit accepts paints very nicely. I am pleased with the vinyl. Thank you for peeking :slight_smile:


Sorry everyone I cannot locate the edit button. Anyhow poor grammer Here “are” a few photos of my Presley Asleep. Now to navigate the forum and see if I can edit LOL. Anyhow thank you for peeking.

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One more :smile:


Very nice.

JUST BEAUTIFUL! The hair is perfectly done! Love your baby. (The edit button is the little pencil below your posts)

Pia thank you :slight_smile: I don’t think i’ve posted much here I found the edit button LOL. Thanks everyone for your nice compliments. The kit is really nice.

Beth I used the Bountiful Baby body that came with him but to keep it from looking to puffy I did not over fill it. He’s nice and floppy.

You did an outstanding job!! I am in awe! He looks like a prototype! Love him :slight_smile:


I think she probably means the body recommended for him.

BEAUATIFUL! You’ve done a fabulous job on him! I think you should be doing prototypes.

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He is so nice. I love his hair.

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I meant to say the body that was designed to go with the kit. Sorry about that did not have my coffee this morning. :slight_smile:


He is absolutely beautiful! SWEET!

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OMG, he is gorgeous. I love his coloring and his hair. Is that painted hair?

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He is very beautiful! Great Job!!

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Yes I decided to paint his hair he’s got a very cute little head.

How long have you been reborning? If you don’t mind my asking.

Beautifully done baby. Congrats.

I have been reborning on and off since 2004 :slight_smile: I found the art when I was expecting my third son I was surfing Ebay looking for Baby Gap clothing and saw my first reborn on Ebay.


Wonderful job. I love his hair.

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