My version of Presley Asleep

A few more with his little outfit I just got from Penny’s while he awaits his new knits in the mail. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.



I’m in love with yours! You did such a beautiful job on him! So life-like!

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This is the best one I’ve seen. I am totally intimidated! Someone said you should be doing prototypes and I wholeheartedly agree. He is beautiful. I have a Presley to do, too. Oh, if only he could come out like yours!


I agree that he is better than all of the prototypes! He looks amazingly real. Great job!

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Wow thank you so much for your sweet compliments it really means allot to me. :slight_smile: I would love to see what the real Presley looks like as he grows because he is a gorgeous baby in real life that is for sure.

WOW love him!!!

He’s adorable! You did a great job on him!

I love the coloring of this baby. Do you use prism pencils for the hair. If I could do a baby like this, I would feel very accomplished.

Hi I use Genesis paints for the hair. Just layering strokes on top of one another then I go over it with clear genesis varnish in strokes so the hair feels like it’s there. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I do appreciate that allot. :slight_smile:

He is stunning. Oh I wish I could paint hair like that.

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Love him <3
Love the natural skin tones and his hair :smile:

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I wonder, Does Presly and other real reborn edition have Different vinyl or same material ? Because you’ve said “accept paint nicely”

Nice hair paint and skin !

What size clothes does he wear? I have tons of newborn clothes and larger that I just can’t seem to get a doll big enough to wear. Hoping this one is long enough!

Ohhhh!!! He is a dream :slight_smile:

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He looks amazing! Great job! Very realistic. It’s great to know that the vinyl takes paint well.

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@EmilyBB @bbsupport should be able to answer this question? I didn’t notice that the vinyl was really “different” except for the color being very light to begin with but all the sculptors indicate that the vinyl color varies with their productions too and although they request a particular color vinyl, they get what they get most of the time.

The Vinyl is the same. All our kits are Made from our Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin™ Vinyl, in a Peach color.

Hope This Helps

Media Manager, BB.

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You did an awesome job on your baby !!

It would be awesome if you did a tutorial on how to paint those tones and hair! I am still in awe how amazing he looks!