My Lillie Auer ships today

I’m so excited to receive her! I have never ordered from Macs before, so I’m not sure how long she’ll take to reach me in California. But seriously I can’t wait! :heart_eyes:

She’s absolutely adorable! Who else ordered her?


I ordered her for a custom. Excited to get her!

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Me too! My daughter loves Olga’s babies. This will be the third for her collection. She also has Ellis and Marc. One day they may even get painted. :laughing:

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Macpherson has a contract with Santa to deliver packages. If you ordered her today, she should be delivered tomorrow. :wink:


I love that! But are you serious? :thinking:

It doesn’t seem possible. But tomorrow, the weather is expected to be somewhat clear. So it would be a good day to visit the post office anyway.

I live in Texas. Mac packages arrive here within 24 hours after ordering. I seriously don’t know how.
(Occasionally they take 2-3 days. But that is very, very rare.)


They use UPS or FedEx. So if you put down a post office box as your delivery address it may take longer. And you should probably watch your email to make sure Macpherson doesn’t ask for your physical address.

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Same for GA, it blows my mind how it even possible?!!

That’s if you live in the US. If you live in the same country it takes days. :rofl::rofl::rofl::confused:

What a cute sculpt! I’m tempted on this one

She has arrived to my po box. I’ll be picking her up either today or tomorrow.

Did it take 8 days from MacPherson’s to you?

She arrived on the 23rd, but I didn’t know until I checked the tracking yesterday. So I believe it was 7 days from notice that she was shipped. She spent most of that time waiting to ship out of customs after processing.

That is the longest a box from @MacPhersonCrafts has ever taken. I can’t imagine what the hold up could have been?

Once in a blue moon customs will grab a box and it is out of our control when that happens. HOWEVER … we do normally send UPS or FedEx and it arrives the next day as a rule…but post is much slower! If you do have a street address I would highly recommend having us send that way unless you prefer it to come post but it is definitely a much slower process. hUgs B OXOXOX


I know Amanda!! :frowning: It really is Frustrating but as you know it is faster & cheaper to ship to the USA than within our own country…so not fair but it is out of our hands!
Plus Northern Ontario is a long trek away even though we are in the same province…seems so weird. hUgs B XOXOX

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Hi Pia
Postal service is the worst for travel time and I think she also mentioned it got stopped by customs…once in a blue it happens. hUgs B XO


Yes so true. We are in the same province but I’m farther away from you than many places in the US.

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Customs has been terrible lately. They’ve been holding babies I’ve shipped for 7-8 days. Usually it’s not more than a few.


LOL I know!!! You are WAY further north than us yet you are so close to Northern Minnesota…I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that!