My babies are getting ready for Christmas!

They got all dressed up for some pictures! I’d love to see pics of your babies getting all dressed up and ready for Santa!


I think your babies look adorable. I didn’t dress mine up, as they are in different places around my house, and I don’t have the time. Too busy getting ready for Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas season, MilosMeadows.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I ran out of clothes pretty quickly lol! I have one baby that got excluded because she didn’t have anything to wear and she wasn’t happy about it lol!


Aw, they look so cute and festive in their Christmas clothes x

I’ve dressed Aloenka Blick in an angel costume and she’s standing on the corner unit holding tinsel and Christmas lights. I’ll try to get a photo tomorrow to share with you all.

My only other festive baby is my HuTi, Vince, who took part in our Christmas challenge…


Beautiful babies, they look so festive in their cute outfits

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So cute DC…Definitely ready for Christmas at your house! :smile:

The babies are lol I’m not! :laughing: I’ve got too much school work to do over the break and I’m not excited about it at all lol

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That baby looks very happy and anxious for Santa to come.

Lol, Ella is currently on the table in pieces. I decided to strip her and redo her along with my other Asher.
Miya is the one who’s unhappy with me lol


It’s okay :smile:
She’s mad because she didn’t get a pretty Christmas outfit lol


Thanks! :slight_smile: She’s not an easy kit to work with. I had issues getting paint to stick to some spots inside her mouth

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Aw, she might cheer up if you pop a little bit of tinsel on her paci :blush:

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I don’t know, She’s almost always in a bad mood lol :laughing:


They’re gorgeous! I just love all of your babies. I would like to see pictures of everyone’s dollies :smile: I dressed my one and only to make sure her outfits were the right size…I’m glad I took pictures now:


Aw, what a little sweetheart x

As promised, here’s my Aloenka…


This baby is the perfect Christmas Baby!! How adorable!

Oh I didn’t know you got a Phoenix and Denver Rose! We haven’t talked in so long, we need to catch up lol.

Yep! Denver was a part of my birthday gift and Phoenix is the baby I made myself for Christmas :slight_smile:


Thank you, honey x

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It looks like she should be going down a fashion runway! :wink: She’s definitely got the Christmas spirit! I just love that sculpt. @SilentSleepers