Mini ofelia

Anybody know when mini ofelia is going to be available? I was going to do her for my,mother in law’s bday in september

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One of the dealers says that the release date hasn’t been released. (LOL) Small Worl Wonders will have the kit and her prices are usually better than the competitors.


Here is the site link to sign up for emails

Ordering with this link will get you a 5% discount on your first order.


I liked her page and signed up for the newsletter.

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Thanks Pia!


I ordered today!

Seriously? I didn’t think it was open until July 1st? Small World Wonders will have her for $61.99 (est. per Kaitlyn) which is less than MacPhersons. You can get 5% off by using the code I posted earlier.

Did you order through the link Pia provided? it’s saying it’s not available yet for me.

Pia, have you purchased from here before? I never have so I was just asking.

Yes I have. I got Twin B and a couple of adorable diapers as a gift (the kit was only $65.00 + $5 or $6 for shipping) which was WAY better than most sites. I also have Anastasia on order from Kaitlyn Brown (her site).

Okay great. Thanks so much.

Be sure you use the link I posted to get an additional 5% off of your first order.

Yep, I used it so you should get your points too. :smile:

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The coupon wouldnt work for me :frowning: but at least i got mine! :wink:

Hey is small wonders an american store? Macpherson is canadian and i have to let my bank know to let the payments process since theyre out of the states… Fraud protection

Kaitlyn is in the USA.

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I think if this was your first purchase, that you should have gotten a 5% discount. You can message (through the “contact” link and let Kaitlyn know and she can adjust the final price for you.

Brand new kit?? New size, I think it would be a totally new kit. If you want to ask Olga through FB, she is always great to answer questions? It is a probably a “wait and see” kind of deal.

Thank you pia :slight_smile:

Getting tired of waiting on this little monster sigh