Messed up face

So I got my kits and my air dry paints and I fill like is was doing ok painting but I got the shade blue to dark on the face and idk how to fix it ?? Help please

Can you post pictures so someone can assist you.

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I would strip that and start over. Blue is the hardest color to get off as it stains the vinyl. Try Winsor and Newton Brush cleaner.


Ok try

I got some of that stuff Iam gonna try neutralizing first lol

That is beyond neutralizing, @Granna! Hahaa! If you find a way to do it, please post pics and teach Me! :smile:

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Other then the blue and green am I doing ok with the painting ? It kinda looks blotchy to me . And what’s the tricks to shading that was the hardest to me . I thought veining was gonna be but it was quite easy …

Other than the blue it looks pretty good from what I can tell. It just takes practice, and lots of it. Have you watched any tutorials? There are good ones on YouTube.

Yes lol a bunch but not on shading lol but I stripped the head and now Iam gonna start over lol I’ll add pictures of my legs and hands

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Do you think my creases are too dark I do but idk exactly what it’s suspossed to look like lol

Is slow dry the same as paint thinner or is the paint thinner for baked paints only

I did mottling already are u saying I need to do more to it sorry all the question but Iam a beginner lol

Oh wow he is bueatiful ! I followed the instruction on the paper that came with my air dry paints . So if u don’t mind telling me what order do u do all your painting process in ? I watched a mottling video and they did it in a different order then the instructions I have .

Yes it sure does ! When do u do the creases ? And do u bake or air dry ?

I think she is making these for her foster kids for Christmas.If I don’t have her mixed up with somebody else.Do you think she needs to do all the various steps on a play doll? Just wondering since she is on her first and wants them all to have one for Christmas.6 or 8 kids I think.

Yes these are for my foster kiddos ! Great practice though!! Lol if I haven’t added to much blue earlier I may have just finished the other one even though I wasn’t completely pleased with it but it stripped over very easy lol . Can I get the slow dry anywhere else or can I only get it where I got my paints ?

I have no idea,I use the heat set paints.

You can use Jo Sonjas retarder instead of the Slow Dry but you will have to order it online as well.

You can also buy it here: