McPhersons Huxley no COA?

I just received my Huxley kit from Mcphersons and she has no COA. On the receipt it was written in ink “no cert”
Huxley is supposed to come with a COA. I cannot reborn her without it, as buyers will think she is not legit.
Has anyone else had this problem with Huxley or Mcphersons?
I don’t know what to do about this.

Did you ask them on their help desk?

Yes they just replied.
Here is the reply

“The paperwork should have stated “BO Cert” meaning back ordered and we also sent an email to you stating that the certificate was back ordered and yet to follow.
Have a great day!!
hUgs D”

I’ve never heard of such a thing. A back ordered COA? Aren’t they supposed to come with the kit as they are numbered??
Ugh, this is not right. I hope it’s not back ordered for months :frowning:

And I checked the email she is referring too, the email was sent AFTER shipment of the kit


Weird, I have never heard of that either, but maybe they got the shipment and listed the kits before realizing the COA wasn’t there yet?

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COAs come from the sculptor. She may have them ordered from a company that is having supply issues. The number doesn’t represent the actual number the kit was produced, as they are done in a factory molded in mass quantities. Normally, the parts are produced and shipped separately and distributed to the dealers, who then package all the parts together and place a certicate(that they received from the sculptor) in a baggie to be mailed to the customers.


Ahhh ok, thank you for the explanation :slightly_smiling_face:
They just wrote me back and said sometimes they come from the sculpter, and that they didn’t know when it would be arriving.
But yeah, since 2009 I have ordered many many kits and this is the first time I’ve had this happen.

So now what do I do? I planned on reborning her and having her up for sale in a month or so. What do I do without a COA? I have the receipt, should I take a pic of that and include it in the listing? and tell them I will email them the cert when it comes in?
What if it never comes in? or comes in after six months? :frowning:


In my opinion MacP should informed you about this before taking your order.

I also don’t like that when they miss on something they will reply that it will be shipped with your next order. What if I don’t want to place my next order with them?


I don’t think they should be sending kits without the COAs. There are lots of delays and it would be very inconvenient if you have to wait months before it comes. I do feel that most will be wary of buying the reborn without it, unless they have bought from you before and you produce the email. Problem is still of the unknown date you will receive it. The customer may need to resell for some reason and feel “stuck” without the COAs. I feel that you should have the option of a full refund with Macs footing the bill for the return postage.


Yeah they gave no warning that it wouldn’t come with the COA until after I got the shipping email.
Nothing about this on their website either when I made the purchase.
I would hate to send the kit back as Huxley is sold out, she’s so adorable too.
This was my first purchase from Mcphersons (unless I did years ago and don’t remember) but I can tell you right now this will be my LAST purchase from them.

I’m not sure what to do, send her back, keep her, I don’t know. But if I wait to reborn her and lets say the COA comes in 8 months, well the Huxley phase will be over by then and she may not be as wanted as she is now.
This is BS, sorry but I’m a bit angry :frowning_face:


Not that it matters but Huxley is not sold out. Or at least their website does not say sold out

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Mcphersons is the only place I found her. Can you link me to where else I can buy her?


If you want to paint her I can sell you my Huxley (with COA ;)) but I have to ask for $110 + 4% PayPall fees (unless you will pay Friends and Family) + shipping, as I don’t want to loose what I paid for her.


I see what you mean. I do not see her anywhere else in stock, not even Andrea Arcello’s site


Thank you so much for the offer, that is so sweet of you :heart:
Mine would have to be returned first, I can’t afford two of them, my husband will kill me lol

They should pay for shipping back to them and refund me in full, it shouldn’t cost me a dime.
If they would have at least told me when they expect the COA in then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but to be so vague about it and not very apologetic, like they really don’t care.

This is their reply
"The certificates are not always sent with the kits. Sometimes they are sent directly from the sculptor. We do not have a firm date that they will arrive. We will send the certificate out as soon as they arrive.
Have a great day!!
hUgs D

Does this part sound odd? "firm date that they will arrive?
That they will?? Does that mean they may not?

I know they have a good reputation and all, so this is for certain a real kit right?
Her vinyl is thick and heavy, does that sound about right? A lil orangey in color.

I emailed Andrea Arcello, maybe she can help in getting me her cert.


I waited and waited and waited for my Rhynn mermaid kit seeing others having painted theirs alreadyso I asked macs and they said they had the kits and were waiting on certificates… if I wanted they could ship me the kit and COA separately. Of course!!! I’d rather have the kit and get started on it and wait on the COA

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This is what I’m thinking, shes so adorable, and I wouldn’t mind keeping her for myself, but they could have given me a heads up before she shipped out, at least give me the option.

It was just handled poorly IMO


At least they didn’t sent you a kit without COA without explanation.
Did you eventually got COA?

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Huxley faze has been over for awhile from what I noticed… they were selling big and fast when she first came out and then I’ve seen gorgeous huxleys just sit :thinking: I’d much rather have the kit in hand and get started painting it then wait for the kit to be shipped because they are waiting for the coa to ship the kit

Idk they said they were going to send it with my next order. I didn’t check my other coas from order after that :thinking:

And this is what I mentioned before. Why customer should wait till next order? What if it’s not a next order? Same as they didn’t include some bonus swaddle or blankets, or something. Their fault, but the answer is the same - it will be shipped to you with the next order.


See you still don’t have your COA though. What if you never get it?
It’s fine until we try and sell the reborn. The customer can keep the baby for awhile then do a charge back claiming the kit is fake because it doesn’t come with a COA, you know that can happen.
I have the email and receipt, not sure if that’s good enough.

Agreed, you shouldn’t have to wait for your next order to get your cert. What if you don’t order again? Does that mean they just wont bother sending it to you?