Macphersons BJD's

I got to paint two of Macphersons new BJD’s (ball jointed dolls). They are 18 inches, the same size as American Girl dolls so you could dress them in American Girl or Our Generation clothes. I chose to make clothes out of vintage fabrics and and a vintage dress. They were enjoyable to paint, this one has eyes that you paint yourself, super fun. They are a little tricky to put together but not to hard to figure out. They will stand on their own. You can use GHSP or Airdry. I may be painting two more, if I do I think I will try air dry on one of them.

If you are looking to switch gears for a minute I would check them out, they are priced really well, and worth it. is also doing a new BJD site so there is a platform for them already.

Here is a quick little video they made of one of the dolls so you can get a feel for what the look like complete.


They are awesome Gina, I couldn’t believe it when I saw them! Congratulations! What do you think of the 36 inch BJD’s and will you paint one of them?


I love how you made them.

Her eyes are gorgeous!


She’s Beautiful Gina, you did a fantastic job on her!! BTW, you haven’t had any new videos on your channel for a while-------I really miss watching them and see all what you are up too. Now I guess I know! @Gabriell

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I would love to do something like that, bit I could never do it to the level they deserve. Pretty amazing looking dolls though,

I definitely want to do one at some point. And awesome that they’re compatible with American girl clothes, that makes sewing stuff for them so much easier!

I love her…I love your whole vintage thing!!!
Her eyes are simply amazing…and so is SHE
as a whole :heart_eyes:

I never gave them a thought UNTIL I saw your version! I absolutely LOVE your versions!
What are the bodies like and how did you paint them and how hard were they to put together?
Also, can you teach a class on wigs? Lol! Amazing! :heart:

They made me uncomfortable. I find them ceepy. And I don’t find dolls creepy usually. There’s something about their face, or eyes…

That said, your version is fabulous ! Dress and hair are amazing. That’s talent right there !


They are absolutely breathtaking!! Amazing amazing job!!

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Amazing! Beautiful!

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Really beautifully done.

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I totally want to, I am a little afraid because they are so big and my oven is not so big but think of the possibilities. I think they are so much fun, if you are a hobby painter and just love painting dolls these are the ticket. I have a box full of monster high dolls I have been wanting to paint and costume forever but I never have the time, glad I got to do this.

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They are very blank slate. When I first saw them they were kinda “blah” I was use to babies with all the cute details and these were very “little girl” but not…hard to explain, they were a very different painting experience. I did two of them. I will link the video to the other one. You can do almost anything with them, they would be fun to personalize for a little girl, American Girl next level. This one is still circus theme, I used some vintage and hair from an old wig I had, I am horrible at wig making this was the first time I had made a wig using hot glue and a wig cap (got the idea on You Tube). It was really fun but I burned the heck out of my fingers, I don’t recommend it. This one has eyes I inserted, I used the only 18mm eyes I had, they worked out just fine.


I think it’s that I can’t decide if they are adult or not. There’s something wrong about the face proportion and I am very sensitive to that.

I really like what you did with them, your creativity and painting style.
Hot glue are fingers killers…


I have a bunch to edit.

It has just been super busy.

More videos coming in about two weeks, trying to get some darn halloween babies done before halloween and gotta get started on some Christmas babies, I am way behind.

Homeschool…don’t even get me started (Yikes…I really want this little guy back in school, he needs to be with his little people).

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Nice Gina congratulations on prototypes. I saw these before coming on BB and thought someone copied your work LOL. You did yourself proud lady. :footprints: :baby:

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Great job, Gina! I love anything vintage and I love the look of these. Congrats on the prototypes!


I’ve always wanted a bjd baby kit to paint with more joints (elbows wrists knees etc…) I really hope something makes some.

Are these vinyl? I imagined in my head BJD dolls would need to be more plastic for the joints to slide smoothly. And do the use a cloth body inside or connect directly! I think you did an amazing job

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Thank you! How are things on your homestead? PM with an update.