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Hi , ladies,
This is more of a question. I ordered a 70.00 set of air dry paints from Luminaire . I have yet to receive them. I contacted them and I get no response. Do any of you know what’s going on with them ?. I’m now afraid of ordering anything. I need a list of air dry paints I should have for reborning. I’ve decided to learn how to mix my own paints. I need to be free of the basic colors in pre mixed sets because, I keep finding sets that are expensive . I get them and it’s 1 ounce containers it’s ridiculous prices. I can’t buy paints constantly and I either run out of the primer or I finish the flesh colors too fast. I do try to be mindful of watering the paints too much. I bought some from bb but honestly, I don’t know what paints I should get. I know I need to get the primary colors, but for the rest I’m clueless. I do realize that I’ve taken up a rather expensive endeavour with reborning, but I love it. Can you ladies suggest what colors I should buy for reborning ?. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

If you can, if they haven’t shipped, I would cancel that order. I used Luminaire years ago. I followed their instructions to the letter. I liked the effect a lot but…after 3 weeks of curing, when I started rooting, the paint came off the face. There is no customer service. I tried multiple times to contact the company and never got a response of any kind. I had to strip the the entire doll (it was a toddler) and re-do the whole thing. I was not happy. I threw those paints away. I currently use Liquitex Soft Body and Hard Body Paints. I really like them. I like that I can just go buy them at Michael’s and that they don’t need a lot of special mediums-just distilled water and a little Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel added to the paint. I mix my own colors. I like that they’re cheaper than the ones ‘specially formulated’ for reborrning. Golden is supposed to be good too, but I’ve never used them.
This is my most recent baby done with Liquitex.

I bought the starter set of 6 primary colors and additional tubes of burnt umber, raw sienna, and unbleached titanium. These paints are highly pigmented and last a long time because you only need a little bit. It should be as thin as watercolors. I use 1 coat of DecoArt Dura Clear ultra matte varnish and 1 coat of Americana Soft Touch Varnish to seal.

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I agree get your money back. Golden fluid acrylics you can buy at michael’s. They are highly pigmented so you have to be careful, but they are nice. You need the primaries and a burnt umber, from there it is up to you. Maybe get black for deepening colors and a white or light flesh to lighten some shades. Then you can research what medium you would like to use with the paints. I use Golden satin glazing liquid but there are many choices.

I had to go through pay pal to get my money back. They never replied back to paypal so i was refunded. They were always shady. I had trouble from the very beginning.

Ditto to what @jeanhai said. The only difference is that I use CornStarch and/or DE along with STV to seal.

I have tried Luminaire had a problem with an order and it took forever to get a response. I tried the trial set and was disappointed at the very small amount of paint I received.

I think I may need to switch to air dry paint. I’m finding my lungs are getting affected (even though I open window before baking).

I love my Liquitex paints.

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I’d switch to golden fluid acrylics like others have suggested! Here’s my little Levi painted with them! They’re easy to use, and a really nice experience to work with. I use the primary method and have attached the layers I used to achieve Levi, obviously she’s a pale high color/contrast baby, so darker babies you’ll want to build up more skintones, but they’re very nice paints and I’d super recommend trying them! If you’re interested in mixing your own colors btw I really recommend researching CMYK color theory! It’s super helpful, because CMYK is different from RBY, and more accurate!


I use a little cornstarch in the Soft Touch, too.

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Are they comparable to Ultimate Fusion? Those are the ones I was looking at getting, but knowing I can get Liquitex at Michaels make them more appealing.

Carla, have you joined the air dry FB group by Angie Jones? The Reborn Connection-------she is an absolute whiz at air dry paints and all the mediums. You should check it out and join, she is so knowledgeable about all of it. She has lots of videos showing you have everything works. There are lots of “files” you can read to glean information as well.


I don’t know. I’ve never used Ultimate Fusion.

I will look for it!

I use the Primary Method. I wouldn’t mind trying UF one day.

You can get golden acrylics at michaels as well btw!

From what I hear, ultimate fusion may be the closest to ghs, but some say it needs a lot of layers to build up the color. I am phasing in the golden fluid acrylics as I run out of other stuff. They are very highly pigmented, but nice to use.

You make beautiful babies. While I think the paints make a difference, I think the artist makes the most difference. Of course, without good tools, no one can make things great. I have never used the Golden either. I have considered trying them, But when I shop I see they are expensive. More than my Waterborne and more that the Liquitex. I also know that a little paint goes a long way, so I wouldn’t too much worry about the small containers. UNLESS I am paying a premium for them. There are coupons here in the US. But, I always choose to stick with my WaterBorne. I do have the Ultimate Fusion hair painting set from Christine Woolley. Haven’t been able to try it yet.


Thank you.

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Your babies are beautiful! I agree with @Jacelyn5440.