Loving Celeste!

I am loving this baby! She is turning out so beautiful. The vinyl is painting so well. And this time I actually feel like I know what I am doing lol. Too bad we can’t
Post WIP pics lol.


I am loving her as well I love the skin tones I am achieving…The vinyl is so nice.

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Maybe you coulp put some wip pics on here when you get a chance. Would love to see them!

This is a competition baby. She can’t put up WIP’s. We don’t want to influence each other. :smile:


No I can’t since I will enter her in the contest. I can’t even share her on FB lol. I can only share her with friends and family through text that have nothing to do with BB lol. But it is all good LOL.

@honojane Helen I sure hope you can get “into” her… honestly I feel like she is my best so far. :smile:

Have you worked on that mouth yet, Mandy? (See, I didn’t call you Colleen this time!)

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Helen… Yes I’ve been working on her mouth. It’s not that bad really.

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That’s good news. I am sort of dreading it because I’ve never painted a tongue before so today I looking for reference pictures or real tongues, especially babies tongues.

LoL I’ve never painted a tongue either. Buts it’s not bad really.

I’m excited for you guys. Can’t wait to see your babies.

It’s good to know she’s taking paint well! I love how chubby she is!

@AmyR777… Yes her chubbiness is darling. I am partial to chunked. She is just turning out really well.


We better watch out for you, Mandy. You sound pretty confident this time! :fearful:

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LoL naaaa. All of you so much better work than me. But it is nice to now feel like I know what I’m doing lol. This is only baby 4 and I’ve only been doing this for about 7 months. At least I feel like I can do Asher Awake without ruining him :smile:


Celeste is almost done talking to me about her skin tone :wink:


i keep seeing reference to a Celeste Challenge…I can’t find any information what is it and where do I find it…please.

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Hi Jeannie. We did an Irelyn Challenge and had so much fun we decided to do another one so this time we chose Celeste.

Oops, Willow, now I’m a copycat! :smile_cat:


Jeannie, in case you didn’t know: This challenge is “just for fun” there are NO prizes. Just thought I’d mention that. These ladies made some really cute Irelyn babies just recently and it was so fun for the rest of us just to be able to ogle them. Jump into the Celeste challenge, bet you’ll have a blast !!!

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Thanks for adding that Lynn. I meant to say that and forgot.