Lets make a Baby !LOL

Good morning Ladies Are you ready to get started?!
I have washed my cozy and set up my work space -am putting pic into Photo bucket now and will post as soon as I am done -this will be the thread we will use for our "Paint along"
I am excited are you ?


Ok are ya ready ? here is my work space -I always start with a well 3/4 filled with oderless thinner -the brushes are a 1/2 filbert (loading brush) a large mop (for pouncing and blending )a 1/4 chisel ( for lips and details ) and a 1/2 cats tongue and a very thin liner brush for creases

For my first wash I will load the brush with yellow ocher (to load the brush wet it in the thinner and rub it around in the paint till it is full of wet looking paint -no globs or lumps )mix it really well into the thinner)

here is the 1st wash all mixed and ready to apply

Here is my first wash being applied notice how very thin and watery it is -just a hint of color !

Once I apply the wash I pounce it with the mop brush to blend it-

and here is the vinyl side by side with one wash of the yellow ocher (if you dont have yellow Ocher you can mix genisis yellow and burnt umber to make a brown mustard color-but you really should get some )

I agree yours looks -like a very pale pink /peach -mine is casper !!!LOL

here is wash #2 this is BB babyskin-1 brush,lip nail -1/2 brush and warm blush 1/4 brush-this should end up like a cross between a salmon stake (un-cooked )and dusty rose

And being applied-I did two of these

DebiC you may only want to do one of the #2 washes on yours

I cant work on my Gabriel yet, have towait until I get home from work I will join along and post pics when I can start. I am keeping an eye on this thread so I dont miss any of the pointers

No problem CKN-hope you are enjoying this post -boy it is amazing how well I was able to fix this gosty baby and bring it to the old peach color and not to many layers either !!! I decited that it would really be helpful if we could do this with as many BB pre-mixed colors as possable as that is what most people here have -so played around and came up with this -

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I wanted to give some space and time for others to post what they are working on and how they are doing -I am ready to add more pics -not sure if anyone is even interested …

I wish more would let you know they are interested, I know I am. Please post more pictures.

Im interested!! I finally got my Cozy today, so I can start tonight too!

Awww Thanks -just wasnt sure if anyone wanted me to continue …
So here is the next wash color -Again I did two of the #2 washes -to that same color mix I added more of the lip /nail /blush to make a dark dusty rose color -darker but still very watery and light

And again apply very thin and use the mop brush to pounce (note the color change at the neck flange !)

And here is the same color vinyl and the neutralized (before baking)

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Thank you Denise !!! I wasnt looking for Koodos Just did want to waste my time or anyone elses as this is very time consuming ( well we are also making a video of this process-