Just loving babies! (5 pics)

So, I went to visit my sister and mom. My sister is who I gave Rosie to. She got new dressings in her room and sent me a photo. I love that I get to see her enjoy her baby! Even more exciting, I’ve sucked my mother into this too! That surprised me because she really didn’t like them at first. To note, my mother and sister live together so my mother has had Rosie around for a while to get use to more realistic dolls. She likes Iris and how heavy (10+lbs) she is.

Also, just because I love him and he is so darn cute! My Oliver going out for a walk!

Does anyone else take their babies out and about?



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Thanks for tagging me @EmOh…you know I love taking mine out. lol

@DollChick…I take my babies out all the time…realistic and alternative. They all recognize me at one of my local Walmarts, cause when they see without a baby, they are like “Aww…no baby today?” There is one assistant manager that looks for me on Sundays (cause we usually grab a few groceries on our way home from Sunday dinner) cause unless I’m not feeling well, I always bring 1 or more babies to Sunday dinner and I don’t leave them in the car when we shop (to avoid having our windows busted out).

What’s funny is the first time I brought Hamlet, my hybrid pig baby (pig head with human body and limbs)…someone told the manager that a customer had a pig in the store and she said she had to hold in a laugh because she knew it HAD to be me, so she told the customer she would check into it. When she found me she started laughing and told me what the customer said…it was funny. lol




Omg!!! That is awesome!!!

I take mine too. I’m sure eventually folks will get use to them. Lol!! For now they give weird looks and whisper. I’ve started calling them out on the whisper. My go to statement is, “You don’t have to whisper. These dolls are really cool. You wanna see it better?”

Some have come to check them out, others have stated how creepy they are or that I’m sick and need help. :woman_shrugging: I really couldn’t care any less. I’m just here in Doll Chick land doing Doll Chick things in a wonderful reborn world.


You think it’s bad that the general public does that?

A total stranger came up to me at doll show just to tell me a snide remark about someone else’s reborn that was being pushed around in a stroller.

Yes, at a doll show! :flushed: You’d think there’d be more acceptance in a huge room full of doll people. So rude!:roll_eyes:

If I ever bring my reborns out, that would likely be the first place I’d be taking them.


I think I would have had mean words for that person and questioned their interest in dolls? I guess they like trolls a whole lot…

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A couple of years ago my daughter and I would take a doll or two on an outing. I drummed up some interest in them for sure. One man wanted to buy one because he was constantly being ticketed for driving in the carpool lane. :joy: (I didn’t have any available to sell at the time)

A lady at my old pharmacy wanted a particular gender, loved the doll I’d brought in and said “next time you have a (girl/boy) available, let me know.” I can’t recall which she preferred, but the thought had crossed my mind to take the doll home, redress it as the other gender, and return to try and get a sale.

It’s probably for the best that I didn’t though, because now that baby is part of the collection of one of our forum members and I’ve heard rumor that she loves him. :wink:


Oh I take mine out all the time! :heart: I’ve gotten mostly positive reactions with a few individuals that tried my patience and self control lol. I have zero tolerance for rude unjustifiable comments.


I did before Covid. I don’t even take myself out now, but taking them with you is a great marketing strategy. I don’t ever take them when I’m in a hurry because as soon as someone finds out it’s not a real baby everyone wants to see it and ask questions. I love to watch the expressions when they hold a reborn for the first time. I always take business cards with me when I take my dolls out.


I have not allowed anyone to touch them or get more than 4 feet to them. I had covid twice. I am NOT doing it again. Since the 2nd round of it for me, I don’t allow people within 6ft. I don’t go to stores much anymore anyway. I do still take them to the park to walk though.


When I sell at doll shows, I have a caution sign regarding the magnets and that they can interfere with the function of pacemakers. At one show, a woman came around the corner, saw my dolls, moved away about three feet while saying ‘those are creepy’. Then she saw the sign and said '…and they can *kill you, too." I nearly busted a gut trying not to laugh.


I’m nervous to send any doll out the door right now. I mean, I’ve had covid twice. Are we SURE it isn’t still contagious? How awful would it be to send a doll to someone and they get covid? Big oof…

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I’m not taking mine out with me now. We’re not sure you can’t still get it, even after being vaccinated. The fact that cases are on the rise again, in spite of the number of people being vaccinated, is an indicator of how much we still don’t know. I don’t take any chances.


My concern is that I got it, got a negative test back, then got it again. I haven’t gotten a negative test back yet and I was told I don’t need to that the 14 day quarantine is enough and I’m not contagious anymore. I flat out don’t know that I can believe that at this point. People look at me like I’m a fruit cake because I’ve two masks and gloves on plus I remind people that 6ft of space is required between me and them.

I don’t care if other people don’t wear a mask and don’t care how close they are to each other, I care. It isn’t that hard to respect someone else and back up 6 feet. I don’t complain or call them stupid for not wearing a mask, I just ask them to stay socially distanced from me. I’ve left stores that had too many people too close together and the store employees were saying nothing. I don’t blame them, I just do what I need to do for me.

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I forgot to mention. My Dad wants me to take Bindi out just for reactions.

Maybe he should show people his new “grandchild”.

My Mom, on the other hand, won’t claim her and even went so far to say, “She doesn’t look like my side of the family!” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good thing I love the little freak show of a baby. Lol


I’m thinking about taking my dolls to the park this summer for a photo shoot, but I haven’t gotten the courage to take to a store for shopping. I want to, though!


Just do it. If you don’t say anything, most people won’t even realize it’s a doll. It’s really fun to see people’s reactions. I’ve taken dolls to the park for photo shoots. It’s funny. I felt more self conscious there than I do when I take them in a store.


I’m guessing you probably weren’t trying to pose them in a pile of produce or get the perfect pic of them pointing at jars of baby food at the stores. Photo shoot at the park does seem more likely to draw attention when you think of it that way. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I live near an elementary school and the playground and field is often pretty deserted, might be nicer than the usual public park for being more discreet.

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Isn’t it nice when family can share your interest, or at least show enthusiasm?
I originally came to this forum looking for a reborn for my Mom, she always wanted the PG and AD baby dolls she saw in newspaper flyers and magazine ads but she never indulged herself.

I ended up buying two reborns for her but she only knew one was coming. When my Dad was about to purchase a Moses basket for the reborn I had to let him in on the secret of the second doll. I definitely wasn’t expecting his enthusiasm!


Then, months later when I sent him a pic of my recent additions to my collection:

I didn’t preface it by calling them their grandkids, that’s just all his idea. Lol
I think it helps that his Mom was a dolly doctor and doll tailor, and now I’m finally getting into dolls too. He understands this hobby can bring joy to adults. :slightly_smiling_face: