July Round Robin

The Round Robin in a fun way to share with each other. Items sent are to be new or newly created and need to relate to reborning. However, you can add a little something for “mom” in the package. People participating should be active, contributing members of the forum. I will send each participant the name and information for their partner at the end of May. You will have the month of June to put your package together. Packages should be mailed at the beginning of July, earlier if you want, especially considering the theme is the 4th of July. Gifts should be under $25. There are many ladies here who sew, knit and crochet that I am sure would be willing to create something if you wanted to send a handcrafted item. I have made a few things for people to send. It was fun. If anyone has any questions, ask away. Once you receive your partner and you have questions, you can pm your question and I will contact them for you and get you your answer. For those who wonder, I write your name on a piece of paper and have my mom draw names. I have a chart that I keep all the info on and make sure that people do not get a repeat partner. I have not had any problems and people have been really good about contacting me if they are going to be late in mailing, which I hope continues.

**if anyone has a question that you think should be added to the list below, please let me know.

Please copy and paste this list of questions with your answers added and send in a PM to me.

Round Robin July 2012
Theme: 4th of July

1 Mailing Name

2 Mailing Address

3 Are you willing to send packages internationally?

4 List the gender and size of each keeper you have.

5 Name 5 types of items you would like to receive through this swap.

6 What is your Favorite color ?

7 Do you use magnetic pacifiers, bottles, or hairbows?

8 Are you allergic to smoke/pets/scents?

9 When is your Birthday? (No need for the year just month and day-please type out the month like October or Oct)

10 Do you like baby bracelets?

11 What is your favorite animal?

12 What is your favorite scent?

13 What is your favorite flower?

14 Do you like frilly or simple?

15 Would you like Holiday items for your baby?

16 What is on your reborn Wish List?

17 What is your nursery name if you are a reborner?

Item needs to be shipped in time for the recipient to receive it by the 15th of the month.

It sounds like fun! I’d like to be part of that. Just have one stupid question mostly out of curiousity. How long does it take to mail a package overseas anyway? Do you just take it to the post office? The only time I’ve mailed something overseas, it was to the military so that is handled differently. Like I said, just curious. I don’t know how many members are overseas other than the one lady from Croatia.
If you make something, is it $25 for materials or what you could sell it for? If you go over, is it okay? I’ve never done anything like this other than a couple of christmas parties at church. I always get nervous wanting to make sure the other person will be happy. But I’d love to take part.

I,m In!!!

I am not sure how much overseas shipping is. Hopefully someone who has shipped overseas will let us know. You can go over the $25. We just set a maximum to give people an idea. I would say the $25 is what the item(s) would be worth. The idea is not to break the bank.

I just might join if there will be others who are willing to ship internationally. I’ve shipped a medium sized envelope to US recently with tracking via airmail and it arrived safely in about two weeks. The price was okay, too! About $ 5-6 for the envelope.

EDIT: I just realized I can’t be a part of this one, since we don’t celebrate 4th of July and I can’t possibly find any theme-related items in Croatia

Martina, it doesn’t have to be on the theme. The theme is just added to give ideas. It can really be whatever you like.

Yes, for me I’m not that excited about it being related to the 4th of July, just excited to have a chance to join in this one. Plus overseas members might not want to get items from the 4th. Or maybe they’d like the novelty of it. Maybe have that in the questions or is it covered by the question on holidays?

End of May is the deadline.

— Begin quote from “robincarrol”

I will only participate if there are enough ladies that feel comfortable with who I am or remember me from Doll fan.

— End quote

I’m okay with that!

Robincarrol, I don’t see any issues. You have jumped right back into posting, so I see that as a good.

is it too late to join?

Not too late to join. Deadline is May 31.


Last call, ladies. Come one, come all. Join the fun.

i just sent my info

Just confirming that I’m in!

Got it, Debora. DJ, you are in.

Last day to sign up. Info will go out to people this evening.

Yipee! Can’t wait to get started on my package to someone! Anybody else going to join the fun?

Oh Yes, this is going to be so much fun!