July Round Robin

I’ve already found a few thingies for my partner!


How is everyone doing with their RR’s?

im done

All planned. I will finish mine this weekend.

If you are including items for the 4th of July, feel free to mail early so your partner has it in time.

I’m not as far along as you ladies but I’m getting there slowly. Hopefully by the end of the week if all goes well.

Dianna you are the one who does those! I will be contacting you soon. With my mother in law being badn then dieing things have been very crazy here.

I’ll probably ship mine at the end of the week, because I want to be sure it will get there on time A long way to go from here to there Still need to make something custom, and get a few thingies I hope my partner will like. This is so exciting!

I totally changed my mind on my partners gift. I am a woman it is allowed right>LOL I hope my partner likes hers and I am going to send mine soon.

Mine going out in the next few days…ohboyohboyohboy!!!

I finally finished shopping so i will be mailing Monday in case i decide to go back to the store tomorrow for the other outfit i liked .

sorry windy the August will happen soon.

I offer again my apologies.

Is another one happening in August? Begging face (no icon available!!!) I’m having fun with this. Sorry that Wendy got left out. (now I need a sad face icon…) I’m trying to get the hang of this newfangled technology…only taking me years!

Wendy, keep an eye out for the next one and i’ll be looking to see your name on the list.

mailed my package off today. This was so much fun again. I’m already thinking about the next one.

I mailed out my RR package today! Then realized I had forgotten to put an important note in it about one of the items. So will the person who get a package from me, contact me so I can tell you something! Sorry for the confusion! So excited to get it sent and hoping I got everything in it and packed up right. Too many baby things in my room right now that I have going. Doll to send out, granddaughter stuff, stuff for my babies, stuff for a neighbor’s friend who is having a baby… Remembering what goes where!!!

I hope the person likes what I sent. A few more days of suspense to find that out. I mailed out a couple of other packages today so I was scared I was going to send the wrong things for a few moments but got it straight…I hope!! I double-checked them after I wrote on the addresses but you know how stress can play tricks on your mind!

Hoping we do another one of these soon. It has been fun!

I still need to add one more thing to mine, and then I’m all set! Had a bit of a panicky college situation a few days back, that’s why I’m a little late

These are the people that I know for sure have sent their packages. Anyone else have theirs in the mail? I know several of you said you were getting ready to mail. Thanks ladies.

Diana EV
Neise nursery

I had an extended weekend holiday here, so I’m shipping mine monday - all set, all prepared! It should arrive in about two weeks via airmail!