Jack or Posy?

If you’re only getting one, which one? I really want both of them but don’t think it would be a good idea right now, which one would you choose?
Not my picimage


I like jack better :heart:

Thats so hard because I love both of them, but if I had to I’d pick the open eyes one



Closed lol

Jack - asleep

I love these babies, if I could only buy one I would buy Jack. What sells better for you open or closed eyes?

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Jack asleep.

I’m not sure, I’ve sold a good mix of both. I don’t think one or the other sells better. It seems most votes are for Jack, I’m not sure which I prefer. I COULD buy both, it’s just a bit risky. Buying one of them is also a tiny bit risky too but I think I could probably sell it in time. January is kinda far away.


Right! I really want them both I just don’t know if it’s a good idea or not lol

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I preordered the open eyed one a while back:) there’s a prototype contest for them! So if you get one maybe submit pics for the contest as well?! I definitely am:)


Ooh I forgot about that! Do you have a link to it? I really love them both! It’s so hard to decide


I dont have the link. I can google is and screen shot it for you brb!<3

That’s from Nikki Johnson’s website <3

Thanks! I asked my mom and she prefers Jack. I’m not sure still! I really love them. I don’t think I could enter, I’d probably need to sell it before then unfortunately. But I’d like to

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I think you can sell it, just submit your photos:)

It says not to advertise it so I assume you can’t show it. I could be wrong though

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Maybe just not letting people know that it’s for a contest. I hope- that is a little strange.

That’s possible, for sure. I’m not entirely sure, the wording is a bit weird. Maybe asking her would help clear it up. I’m still not sure if I want to buy one or both yet. I do really love them a lot, it’s just a tiny bit risky. I’m at just enough for my puppy so spending a bit might not end up well. Not sure yet, I really would like to reborn another doll though

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