Is Macpherson backed up?

My artist ordered my doll kits from macpherson and it still says processing after almost a week, she has tried emailing with no response, so has anyone ordered from them recently? Are your orders shipping?

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@MacPhersonCrafts Any answers would me much appreciated

Almost 2 weeks and still waiting on mine too.


I’ll bet they are backed up some because of the big sale they’ve had this month. They usually ship fast but I can see how lots of orders would slow things down a bit. Tagging them on here usually gets a response though so keep trying.


I’ve messaged three times and haven’t gotten anything. I’m extremely frustrated. I don’t understand why they’d run such a large sale if they couldn’t handle it.

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Have you opened an inquiry on the site? They’ve always been pretty quick to respond when I’ve tried to contact them that way, although if they are backed way up that too may be slower. I’ve also gotten shipments from them at almost the same time they marked it shipped, so your package may be on its way already. Don’t give up, they will get it to you!

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Their site says 5-8 working days (which is mon-fri) I ordered July 29th and got my order yesterday. My order was over $100 so I didn’t have to worry about shipping.

Was yours free shipping?

Yes, I have. I’ve sent two and gotten nothing. I have no doubt it’ll get here I’m just frustrated at the lack of communication. If it wasn’t a custom then maybe it wouldn’t be such an issue

@jlesser Yes, it was free shipping

Did you pre order any items? I’m not sure of that can affect anything.

Nope, no pre-orders here. They’re just backed up. It’s not a super big deal, just a little frustrating. I understand being busy but a little communication would be lovely, but again I know my order will arrive some time

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Because of the warehouse sale it is taking longer. I ordered and it took 7 days to ship to me. Good byes but a lot of extra work for them to try and keep up.

I ordered Barnabe, Zodi and Petunia, on July 28th. They shipped July 31, I received Zodi and Petunia Aug. 2nd. Barabe is still pre-order

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I ordered a kit from macpherson in April and they always said in process. I email them so so many times that they sent me the wrong kit after 1 month hahaha but i was so tired of that mess that i asked for my money back and they wanted the pay the shipping and i message them back and said NOOOO, you will pay the shipping because i wont spend any extra money. Be careful send all time messages until they answer and be very specific with your order. Go to helpdesk and start send messages. They gave me hard time.:angry:

I figured it out, they are shipping it, thanks guys!


Same here

Try calling them

I only dealt with them on couple of occasions and they were terribly disorganized; they take ages to reply emails. They are in Canada but price their items in US$, which is fine if they indicated that currency in their store. I made an order thinking the prices are in Canadian $, then waited over a week for postage quote, and only when I tried to pay it became obvious that the prices are in US$, which made the kits instead of the total $250 to come over $300; plus the postage was lot more than I am used to pay. I do not even look at their site anymore.

I ordered a sale kit and a 2 LHOH. I applied the bogo code and It worked, yay! Waited ten days, checked status and saw my order was cancelled and refunded with explanation that coupon code is no longer valid- it was going to be removed. My sale kit I really want is now out of stock. Now what? I contacted their help desk, they found the kit and I need to let them know when I’m ready to reorder. I’m ready. No response. That was yesterday. I’ve said before when using help desk I never had a problem, they respond. I know this sale really slowed them down. Hopefully on Mon this will be worked out. I do feel that–their ordering system is not the easiest.–I don’t think my order should have been cancelled, possibly putting my stuff back in stock.-- I do think they should have honored the coupon code-it worked… I’m a reasonable person but also frustrated. My intention is to share my situation, not bad mouth anyone. I know the sale is slowing things down and tech issues may play a part in this too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck.