If you had to

If you had to have a keeper BB baby, realborns excluded, which would you choose?

Gena and Lulu for me


Jaden was my first reborn and she’s a keeper. Heather is my other keeper because she reminds me of my son when he was a baby. If I were to choose another one it would be Gena. I LOVE that face!

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Lulu by Jen Printy…she makes a great alternative baby :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: What about you, Nikki?

I already do have one, Grant. The old version.

Samantha, tayla

If I ever make one for myself, it’ll be this one:


Sugar! Because she’s so sweet.

That’s a really tough question for me…Jewel or Lulu or Precious Gift or Libby. :smiley:

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Gemma, Sugar, and Precious Gift and it would be hard to choose.

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Gabriel !

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I think I would have to say Precious Gift, It is the most realistic reborn IMO.

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Precious Gife and Paisley.

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I have Aubrey as a keeper but there are so many wonderful BB kits!!

Baylee and the new Grant for me! I love those kits! :smile:

For myself Cookie, Ladybug, Kitten, Cuddles, Rowan, Leah, Lane, 2 Irelyn (boy/girl twins), 2 Rosebuds (twin girls) and I am still thinking about Kendal and Chrissy. My list keeps growing too, so there may be more later.

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Either Kitten or Crystal…

He’s discontinued but I think it would be Tristan Eagles. With Gemma Rubert as a close second.

When I finished Cuddles, hubby said she was not going to sell…Why I asked…?? Because I want to keep her, so we kept Cuddles…

Here she is in a tablet photo with Maya , Hush Little Baby reborned and Charlie, both Ashton Drake dolls.