If you had to

I LOVE Rowan! I have her in my stash, but don’t have the guts yet to work on her. I also like lulu… And of course, precious gift❤️

This is a really hard question but I think I would go with Rosebud.

Cookie, such a happy face. Last one I made I couldn’t part with her.

OMG!!! Karen!!! His head is still in my “waiting to be finished” bin. I thought I was totally happy with the hair, but then I decided to do a little more. I set him aside to work on some customs. Then, I got sidetracked with family issues and work. I have one more custom to finish. Then, I’m done with customs indefinitely. I swear I’ll do the finishing touches as soon as I’m done with all the painting on this custom. I don’t have too much more painting on my last custom. I’ll finish his hair before I start rooting my custom.

No worries on my end, Maggie. I’m not going anywhere. :smile:

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Thank Goodness. We would miss you.