IDTS hours

Just heard that the Saturday hours for IDTS are only from 9-2. That seems odd to close it so early on Saturday.

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Maybe because Saturday banquet events start at 6:00 pm and they want artists to be able to pack?

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No, the banquet is on Friday.


Oh yes, thank you, Angie! I even have tickets for banquet :wink:. You are at the table #7 at banquet, correct? I am at #17.

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Not even worth my drive for those hours! Rose looks better and better all the time!

Traditionally Friday has been the biggest day at IDTS that I have been a part of. Usually the Saturday sales are very slow after 2 so that may be why they decided not to stay open til 4 this year. If you notice though, Saturday show floor opens an hour earlier than Friday. Those looking for any mark downs will find them in the last Saturday hours.

It is not fair to compare IDTS to ROSE. Admittedly IDTS is a smaller show and the 2 are different. IDTS is run by 2 ladies and not a huge business like ROSE. Not everyone here in the south can travel so far to get to ROSE. I get tired of comments comparing the two shows like there has to be some sort of competition between them. Each show has its own merits and is to be applauded for what each one is.


Agree! I’m so excited to go! It’s my very first doll show and hoping someday I’ll be good enough to actually be a vendor. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet everyone from here that’s going and Angie you and your little’s!! :heart_eyes:


I agree. Even at Rose Friday is the biggest day. Saturday people are leaving in the afternoon and heading home. The vendors also have to pack up and head home.

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Where is this show? I am in Alabama and not able to attend Rose. I wish I had known about this one.

It’s in Florida. I think it would be a blast you should go. I think Orlando.

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Thanks, I will check it out


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Orlando :slight_smile:

It is in Orlando, FL. It is about an 8 hour drive for us.

And I’m at table 12 @YelenaRey :hugs:


Table 12?

here is a link to the floor map for anyone who wants to see it

@anjsmiles table 12 for the banquet :wink:

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I think we needs to start to make plans for meeting on Friday. I suggest to meet between 10 and 11 am at Angie’s table if Angie agrees to it.
It would be nice to have a name tag and some indication to BB forum. I used to think that @ellakabella is Ella, but she is Rachel :wink:

I included people to this post who I know said they will attend. If I miss someone, please forward.
@anjsmiles @Vanniek @Rosa05 @evelyn @ellakabella

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It really too bad people are so sensitive nowadays that they literally have to read more into a plain comment then what was clearly said. And thank you for your kindness all these years, just another re-enforcement on my reason for NOT attending IDTS, where I don’t feel I would be welcome.