I think I am allergic to mohair

Hi everyone , I am new to reborning. I have been suffering with an allergy. It is eating away at me. I cant seem to pinpoint when it started. I’ve thought its eczema. I’ve been told to drink water. They say I’m probably dehydrated. I dont want to stop rooting my babies , I just dont know what else to do. My skin is so irritated and itchy all of the time. The only other thing to do is learn to paint on the hair. I dont know how to paint yet. Any support is greatly appreciated.


If you are allergic to mohair the more exposure you have could lead to a more severe reaction. I got the Christine Woolly hair painting tutorial for Christmas and it’s been the most helpful hair tutorial to me. I think it is worth the investment.


Its possible you are allergic to mohair.
My best advice is to practice painting hair. and remember that some babies are bald. Bald is beautiful. :slight_smile:


Zelda is right tho. Dont push it if you are allergic to mohair.
I’m allergic to Christmas trees. And for years we still got a real tree. Until my lungs filled with fluid and I spent the night in the ICU. Allergies are no joke. Painting hair is best for you. Better to be safe. <3


Or if it is a mohair allergy, look into alternatives for rooting, like human hair or synthetic.

@kareninflorida is allergic to it.

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Can you do like a scratch test? Try taking benedryl? See if it helps? My legs itch like crazy and for a couple weeks my arms were itching but I hadn’t been in contact with anything different ( no rooting for awhile)

You very well could be. It is animal hair. Are you allergic to any animals? I suggest putting all your mohair in ziploc bags and don’t touch it for two weeks. If your symptoms go away, the mohair is most likely causing them. You can learn to paint hair but remember-bald babies are cute, too. Put some aloe vera gel on your skin. It’s very soothing. Or soak in a warm tub with Aveeno Bath.


Or could you try rooting with gloves on? I don’t root, so idk if that’s even possible.

If I take benadryl for my allergies the moment after I can breathe better, I’m asleep. No fighting it, just out.

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I found out in the ER back in 2008 that I’m allergic to mohair. Had been having itching, watery eyes, sore throat, but I thought it was just my usual Springtime pollen allergies…they ran tests, gave me a breathing treatment, asked me all the questions and narrowed it down to the mohair.

I started trying to learn how to paint hair.

I still root lashes but I wear gloves, it’s tricky. If mohair happens to touch my hands, I wash immediately.

Painted hair can be nice looking; I think buyers are getting used to it by now.


I love your painted hair and prefer to paint my dolls hair over rooting :slight_smile: Mohair makes me itchy lol


Thank you! I’m a slow learner, but I keep trying.


Sorry for the third degree but I am trying to help:

The only way to find out is to eliminate it from your environment for a couple weeks like someone said earlier. If all symptoms stop, it is most likely a mohair allergy.

Most people allergic to it seem to complain of other symptoms like runny or itchy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, wheezing (asthma). Do you have any other symptoms besides itchy eczema?

Is it only the areas of your body in contact with mohair that itch and get eczema, like your hands and arms?

Do you get a rash in the areas (fine or not so fine bumps)?

If it looks like eczema it could be eczema. It will get dry and flaky looking. It can itch like crazy.

My son used to get red tiny hives all over his body because of fabric softener. I stopped using it and the itchy rash stopped. Have you been using a new soap or cream in the affected areas that might be triggering it? Dishwashing soap?

I have more eczema on my hands and wrists when washing more dishes by hand. Lots of us are cooking and dishwashing more now. Could that be possible in your case?

I hope you figure it out. Keep us posted!


If you are allergic to mohair you will most likely be itching and sneezing.

I got horrible eczema reborning. I thought it was paint thinner, it turned out to be the conditioner and the Dreft scented beads I was using to do baby Laundry.

I now make my own conditioner and baby perfume. Problem gone.

Eeek yeah that’s no good

I find that if I fight it for a half hour the sleepiness passes… unless I’m in bed

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I think I may be allergic to my dogs!!! OMG :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It could be the needles.

I’ve even fallen asleep at people’s places that I hardly know. And I’m not someone who normally falls asleep easily. So I avoid that one. I always react that way to it.

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Maybe they were just that boring lmao!!!