I might have bad news😧UPDATE!

I was so excited about my Irelyn selling on Reborns.com. I’ve waited for a long time to try selling on line and I’m thinking maybe I might have bad news. I received the email from Reborns.com congratulating me on the sale. It said I should secure payment before shipping goods. I checked the person out and she seems legit so I sent an invoice even tho I’m set up for instant payments by PayPal. Not sure why that didn’t work!!! No response yet. I sent an email letting her know I sent the invoice…no response. I tried calling her today…no answer so I left a message. I don’t understand and think maybe I’m overlooking something. I’m starting to worry and to think maybe she backed out. Don’t know what to do.


@maitreasuredbabies I only called 1 time and had no intention of calling again.

@anon77773884 I’m only set up for PayPal and NO other payment type. You’d think if she clicked on adopt by mistake that she’d atleast let me know that. The email had all her information…name, address, email and phone #. Somewhere along the way she had to provide it.

I was waiting to change the status of the baby to Adopted once I received payment and not until then. I don’t have to relist her do I??

I checked my listings several times and my account etc. Can’t find where I could have done it wrong. Any suggestion???

I don’t understand people. I always thought when you purchase something you pay for it immediately. It really makes me mad because while your baby was showing adopted look how many other buyers you could have had.


I would send another message saying something along the line : "As I have not heard from you since you committed to buy my doll, I am assuming that you do not wish to go through the purchase. Unless you make a contact and let me know if you need couple more days to pay, I will re-list and advice the REBORNS’ site manager. " Do the Reborns have some sort of arrangement that people who do not pay would be banned from buying?


I checked my setup and unless I’m not seeing something I think it’s right. Here’s the email I got from Reborns.com and the order. I m baffled.

She could have not completed her paypal transaction and not selected the pay now button or did not have enough funds. She should at least responded to you though.

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to contact someone @ Reborns.com and find out why the PayPal isn’t instant when it’s set up that way. Just a tiny bit frustrating. I’m not good at technology related stuff :rage:

Did you enter shipping prices? You have to do this otherwise PayPal button will not appear/work.


Someone else had this problem, I remember, and it was like adutt said. They needed to provide shipping info to get the paypal button. I think this might be it!

I FIXED IT…it was the shipping amounts being left blank just like yall said. Thanks so much everyone. Still don’t know if my Irelyn is sold or not but, atleast I can sleep tonight.


Glad you got the PayPal issue fixed! I’d relist and let it go. If they want it, they’ll click on the PayPal button to purchase it.


There is a difference between cancelling and ignoring. The upsetting thing comes from not communicating. I had people hitting the buy button and then contact me with some ridiculous story how their circumstances changed since 1/2 hour before. I do not care WHY, if they let me know I cancel and re-list, and do not give it a second thought.


I am so glad Anne mentioned that the shipping amount had to be entered. I knew that was it the minute she said it because I remeber someone else had the same problem and that fixed it. You won’t have this problem anymore now. In order to buy, they will have to pay upfront.


@calimel I understand what you are saying and you are probably right. I let myself get way too excited with thinking I had sold my very first baby online. It had taken me a LONG time to get up the nerve to list one because of all he horror stories I had read from others on here. I guess I have a hard time with things like this because I consider myself a nice person and I will give you the shirt off my back if you need it more than me. I just have a hard time understanding why people can’t use common courtesy. Enough said…I’m moving on. I might just stick to word of mouth.


Nooo!! I had that same thing happen twice. That’s when I went to PayPal only. It keeps the time-wasters away. Hang in there. They’ll find a mommy. :slight_smile:


The PayPal button has reduced my time wasters by 90%. Think they realise it’s more serious when they see that button.


Please don’t give up. It’s really not like that on there. The paypal only button will make all the difference because when they push it, their money is sent, just like that. It’s so nice and works so well. This was just a setup error and a bad customer.

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Thanks to all of you for the words of encouragement. I haven’t broken the news to Irelyn yet. It’s probably best that I don’t cause she hasn’t spoken to me since I told her I listed her on Reborns.com. I’m thinking of taking her to the beach so she can watch me work on rooting Majara. :smirk::heart_eyes::dolphin::shell::octopus::sun_with_face:


How do you relist? Do you go thru adding a baby again. I never changed her status from available to adopted. Just trying to figure this all out.