I have better news for Reborns.com

I finally made the decision to share my thoughts on Reborns.com and I received a decent answer, Dave will be making some changes in early 24, it will be similar to how it was before he changed and added soo many option😍. Also I believe he said the Pre Owned dolls will no longer be on the front page. I have had issues with David, but I truly respect his ability to hear and admit he needs change.
My message is there as well as his decision, hopefully he won’t get a bunch of complaints.


There is another post here


I hope it will work correctly then. Right now, it doesn’t. I tried to look up Jupiter with all the filters checked, including sold, and only 1 Jupiter that’s for sale shows up. Same with Sandie, and I know there are lots of both on the site because I saw them before all the filters were added.

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