I gave my Brooklyn Combi hair

Brooklyn hasn’t had a whole lot of interest so I decided to update her. She’s my first combo hair but I am happy with the outcome.


Looks so cute, I like how you parted it on both sides. Do you have more pictures of it?

I haven’t conditioned it yet. I gave her a few little wispy pieces on the sides in addition to her Mohawk.


It looks great! Hope she sells for you soon, she’s gorgeous!

So, you did the hole head, not just the top of her head, correct? In one day?

@YelenaRey It is mainly just the Mohawk at the top. There are a few hairs on the sides, but nothing substantial. I did the whole thing in 45 minutes, Yelena :rofl: but I am a hairdresser so maybe I just root boldly! They are not all just one hair, but I would say 2-3 hairs at a time at most. I do my eyelashes in 10-15 minutes!


Thank you! I’m hoping I get “a” sale but secretly hoping I sell out before I go on vacation in 2 weeks :upside_down_face:

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Yeah, it took my longer to pull the second hair each time when I combi rooted Brittany, than to root process itself :rofl:

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The blonde hair doesn’t show near as much. But The more I look at it, almost all of them are single hairs. It’s not bad at all. Just maybe a little fluffy because it isn’t the super expensive stuff. But it will lay down once conditioned. I didn’t want to spend that much on a doll that nobody seems to want. Tear :sleepy: I am a big fan of her though. She’s the only one that resembles one of my own babies and myself.

She is adorable…I LOVE the combi hair!!

@cherielynn09 Thank you!!!

Love it!

I gotta learn how to paint hair!

Yes…she definitely looks like you…beautiful!

I love it, it looks very natural!


The key is to map out where you want the hair to be and build slowly. Also, If I have a head partially painted and can’t get the rest done without bumping it, or if I’m just really fond of what i have done, I go ahead and set it.

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Thank you so much! :relaxed:

Thanks, I am going to try to do a new photoshoot today, if weather cooperates!

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What colors do u use?