I don’t get it

Everyone is going all Ga Ga over the new Gounchin kit and I’m over here like ‘Ew’


at first…i thought…awww…kinda cute…but then i went to Macphersons and saw all the prototypes…and i agree with you…kind of ewwwwy for sure :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I think he’s adorable but there are some super popular kits that are real head scratchers for me so I know the feeling- like, are they all crazy or is it me? :joy:

Ok glad im not alone in this lol. I don’t really mind the open mouth… The chin area just looks weird to me.

This kit has adorable chunky thighs. I ordered one and am reasonably certain that it will sell quickly.


Its the chin. At the right angle he is cute. Ive actually seen babies make that face. Lol

I actually like this face more each time I see it. I am not going to order one though because it is a first edition of 800 and then unlimited open editions after that. Cheza’s sculpt looks just like the real baby (chin and all)…


The real baby is very cute but the kit is not for me


Eyes are closed too much and the mouth is too open. On the sculpt i mean.


Chezas is the best and she worked with the weird parts really well.

Around the mouth/chin area i think the lines are too defined.

I wasnt wild about the hands either.


I think he is cute, but I’m afraid the 1/4 arms will be a turn off for many collectors, though.

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Thats one thing i dont understood. All that work. It would not take much to make full limbs. Lol


I pre-ordered one, I have never painted a Chezas kit before. I find them interesting and totally different from others.
I think it will be fun.


I was debating on whether or not to switch out the the arms.

I think she did a great job sculpting him and he looks like the real baby to me. Keep in mind details have to be accentuated in clay to come across into the vinyl molds clearly so it amazes me that she got it so close. Having said that, I am one who will not get him because of the 1/4 arms. I think 1/4 limb babies have their place for cuddles but at this pricing and with full vinyl legs I want full arms.

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She did better than i could do. Lol. Hes cute. The arms are a deal breaker for me tho.

I actually love 1/4 limbs. But I’m not too big on the expression of the kit. It looks realistic, but it’s not something I’d want in a doll.
But I also never got how people went crazy for Rosalie, so my opinions may just be wrong. :rofl:


I agree for Rosalie ! I never understood either.


I didn’t know he was sculpted from a real baby. The real baby is a cutie. But I agree with everyone, I’m not a fan of 3/4 limbs.

Rosalie is one of the worst :thinking::joy::crazy_face:

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