How many of you collect, too?

.My house is too smallI with little storage to collect much.I m lucky i have a few grand daughters to give dolls to.
I used to collect antique Nippon China and Lowell Davis figurines…(farm animals) and Iris flowers .Had over 100 named iris some years ago…Down to about 10 now.
i do have chickens and believe me you can get into wanting this breed or color or that as easily as you can things like dolls .They can be a huge addiction.

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So many beautiful babies :heart_eyes:

I collect my own reborns and have about 40 or so in my ‘baby’ room. I have big trouble trying to part with my babies because I put so much of myself into them.

I have two reborns, from eBay, that I took pity on because nobody bid on them and I also bought two reborns that had been dismantled to sell as painted kits. I reassembled them and they’re now part of my collection.

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I love hearing about, and seeing everyone’s collection! Thank you all for sharing. I’ll try to share some pics of my collection too later today.

Keep posting!



I collect! Although my collection is very new! A sweet friend is an artist and I have a few of her babies, once she helped me along with painting I’ve bought a few kits to reborn and keep for myself. Being so new though I want to keep ALL of them Haha! But seriously… Right now my personal collection consists of Elyse by Cassie brace. And my girls and I share Gena and Gabriel and my oldest has Esmee sleeping. But I bought Clyde, Megan and have LDC Ilse on the way for my personal collection. I’m waiting on my good mohair to come before I begin working on Clude and Megan. But they will stay with me and not be sold. I do wish I had bought more of Clyde when he went on sale to be able to sell. I do want to add Cameron to my collection also!

Hmm, I am somewhere in between. I loved the babies that I received when I was younger, but didn’t hold on to them. As I’ve gotten older, I will keep babies for a while, and then often sell them. Sometimes I create something, and fall in love with it and am sad to see the baby go. The thing that makes saying goodbye okay, is the photos and videos I receive from my customers- especially those who can’t have children, or lost a child. I have a few “keeper babies” waiting to be born, but don’t think I will ever fill my house with finished babies.

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I am a collector of my own work. I started making porcelain dolls in 1991 and have over 100 of those. When I discovered reborns a few years ago, I started making those. I tend to be a perfectionist when making the dolls and strive to make them as lifelike as possible, but I always think they could have turned out better. I love the ones I have made, imperfections and all. I may make some for relatives as gifts in the future, but for now I keep the ones I have made.

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I want to come to OZ and play in the baby room :heart_eyes::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I would say I collect wine… But since I can’t control myself when I find an awesome vintage, it’s a lot more like wine bottles. :grimacing:


Come on down…you are welcome…

I even have a monkey I reborn back in 2012 or 2013 (getting old so can’t remember back that far…lolol)…he gets away with murder… He stays in the Paddington Bear Nursery…though he keeps dragging Elmo in there from out of the toddlers playroom…


Aaawwweeeeee!!! :monkey_face::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Oh Starr, he’s so adorable xx

I’m a reborner and I collect, but not reborns. LOL ~ I’ve collected dolls pretty much since I was born and at one time had way over 200. Downsized for our move to FL but still have a boatload of dolls (mostly now in boxes, no room to display) from various artists: Himstedt, Middleton, Christine Orange, Masterpiece, the Marie Osmond doll line and some others that I can’t think of at the moment ~ here are some of them:

Kayla, my porcelain daughter :heart: ~

Nuala, by Himstedt:

Tula, by Himstedt:

Sophia by Monika Levenig:

Calista, by Levenig:

Kiomi Himstedt wearing a dress I made back when “Karen’s Kreations” meant something different :wink:

Maniloa Himstedt:

Tikiri Himstedt:


Oh wow. Your dolls are so gorgeous :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! I could go on and on and on…LOL…don’t want to be a thread hog, though! :laughing: I have very few displayed right now, but someday hope to have a house with a doll room so they can get out of their boxes. :blush:

By far the best out of all the monkey babies I have seen :slight_smile:

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Ohhhhh a lady after my own heart…Love your dolls - we have some of the same taste (I had one Spanos - Kisses and 4 Orange - Millie, Harriet, Angelina, Maya and about 4 Middletons - 4 Himstedts - Tula, a little Asian one (can’t think of her name at the moment) and 2 from the barefoot collection from many moons ago… )

I love the Levenig ones…never had one of those but have looked at them a few times over the years…are they as nice in person as they look in the photos? Your’s look soooo pretty…Love them all Karen…you have a very nice collection.

It is a bit heartbreaking when you have to part with them isn’t it…Many of mine went to collectors but I still wish I had been able to bring them across with me… :disappointed:


Aww thanks Amanda…he was very fun to paint,the rooting wasn’t that exciting but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be…just did it sort of shaggy and ‘monkey like’…lol


I have a Spanos doll, too ~ “Tuttie Fruitie” ~ she’s a happy little thing! My Christine Orange dolls are Amanda, Violet, Susanna, and Hilary (vinyl). For Middletons, I bought and sold, bought and sold, LOL…but I still have a couple, one is Asian and the other one reminded me of my oldest son when he was born.

Besides, Sophia and Calista, my other MP dolls are Jenna & Jacob, Jada, Daniel (porcelain…yikes), Phoebe, Dakota, Pamela, and Jordyn. I have really stopped collecting now as I truly have enough AND not getting any younger with no daughters or granddaughters in my future, I don’t feel like I want to keep filling the house with dolls. It seems right now that the MP dolls are all so BIG…I mean, Dakota is almost 4’ tall! The newest ones are even taller. People complain about the joints weakening, but so far mine have not had a problem.

It was hard to get rid of so many but in the end, I don’t even miss them. I had to literally GIVE AWAY the Marie Osmond dolls ~ dolls that I paid $250 for several years ago are pretty much worthless now. When the bottom fell out of the market, it REALLY fell! MO doesn’t even design dolls for QVC any more. I was sad to see that era end. Annette Himstedt, of course, is no longer doing dolls ~ I think 2006 or maybe it was 2007, was the last year.

Every now and then if I find a doll that I just can’t live without, I’m sure I’ll buy it, but I’m not into collecting them as much these days. Sure was a lot of fun while it lasted!

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I collect different things​:blush::blush::blush:, I do enjoy my reborns, I guess you could say I collect them as well as sale them. I also have porcelain dolls from around the world that my husband got me upon my request when he was in military. I also collect precious moments and TY beanie babies​:blush::blush: