How many of you collect, too?

I was just wondering if most of you collect, or if you are artist only? If you do collect… What kind of dolls do you like?

I keep a small collection that’s a mixture of reborns, mini babies, manufactured, and BJD. I also like mini mohair bears.

I (so far) don’t collect my own work. I always feel I need to gift them, or sell them… My girls collect my work though.



I do collect my own work. I don’t have any in my collection right now though…it’s an empty crib! I used to collect other artist’s work, but ended up being really disappointed with what I received, so I no longer collect other work unless it’s from an artist I really know well and I trust will send me good work.

I also collect TY bears, HotWheels, Snowglobes, Littlest Pet Shop, pillow pets…the list goes on! But I don’t “interact” with them as I do my reborns. They’re more just for show


I know how disappointing it can be to get a baby and the work not be as it was supposed to. I have had MANY babies like that… I have a few favorite artist now that I know and trust. Their work is always just what it appears to be in the pictures.

It sounds like you have a very FUN collection!


I have always collected babies from an early age. It started out as berenguer dolls I had one growing up about 26 inches he was my favorite named Will, big bald head lol. Then me and my sister started a porcelain doll collection and to this day still have way more then we should at our ages haha. My first reborn type doll was a Lee Middleton who I have had many years and now that I make my own reborns my collection is growing not that it needs to but just have not sold any yet :slight_smile:

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I collect too. I have one baby that I made, 4 from swaps, a JaNan baby and Evon’s Jewel proto. I enjoy collecting other artists work.

I don’t collect anything else right now…no room for it

This is just a few of them lol



I am not a collector, but this year I have promised myself I will make two babies just for me to keep. I have never kept one of my own babies what was not a boo-boo baby. (I have several of those). There are several members of this forum I would like to buy babies from and may treat myself someday, but for now, my dolly dollars have to support my “habit”.


I do collect other artist reborns, silicones, rag dolls, old fashion teddy bears, and last but not least dreamsicles I have WAY to many of them still in boxes since I moved to Utah. O and I still have my Barbies, skippers, and Francey dolls from the early 1960’s :confused: < I just realized I’m a hoarder :flushed:


I have 3 kids that have tons of dolls! I’ve made a few reborns, but none of sellable so for now we are collectors. :slight_smile:

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I’ve always wanted to make one for myself. I have one that goes on trips with us but technically he belongs to my grandson. I keep promising myself…we will see.


Right now I am just an artist, I haven’t even kept one of my own creations. I will one day, I would love to have mini bjd dolls they are amazing.

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I don’t know if you can call me a collector but I have a LOT of stuffed animals for a grown up. I cherish them because they are gifts from loved ones over the years. Also some i couldn’t resist and got for myself, much to my husbands dismay.


I collect. I started reborning in high school because my dad would not let me buy one from an actual artist. Little did he know that by allowing me to make my own, he created a monster! I have 3 of my own and 1 by another artist. I also have an EOS lip balm collection. I have all of the regular ones and 2 limited editions. Wierd I know, but I love EOS

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I collect! I don’t paint so if I want a new reborn it’s my only option lol.

I collect Cherished Teddies. I have 350+


I am obsessed with EOS!!! The coconut is my FAVORITE!!!


I collect and reborn (been collecting for over 30 years) Have had everything from vintage vinyls, artist vinyls, Himstedts, Porcelains from Ashton Drake, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Artist LTD Porcelains, Christine Orange, Reborns and Silicones, minis and a OOAK clay baby…Most of my earlier collections, I had to sell or give away when I came across to Oz in 2006 but I have quite a nice reborn and sili collection again as well as some minis and a OOAK clay baby that I have accumulated over the last 10 years while here…Probably a bit over a 100 babies at the moment.

I only have about 3 of my own reborns now…but hope to get around to doing some more for myself over the next few years as I have accumulated quite a few kits I like…lol

here are my 4 Selena Saxon’s Reborns which are some of my favs - the little downs baby was one of her earlier ones before she went exclusively to to painting hair.

here are some of my sili babies

here is my OOAK clay baby by Phil Donnelly

Just a few of my reborns from Heavens Touch, Angels of Delight, 4ever Angel Babies and others,

My minis (only have 3 of them at the moment) one in the box made by Heavens Touch and the other 2 (in the little tub and laying together) are ones I made for myself a couple years ago…and yes I did painted hair on my little boy but as you can tell, it was my first attempt…and can see why it was my last attempt…hahahaha!

and one of my Himstedts.


I adore the minis!!! I love baby in bath!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Thanks Nikki…that is little Zach by Marita Winters - he is about 7-9 inches I think…(can’t remember exactly.) They are fun to paint…hard to find clothes for though…lol :smile:

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Beautiful, big collection!