How many babies do you own?

How many babies do you all have in your collection?
I have 68 reborns, ooaks, resins and silicones in my collection…and I keep adding more! not good!! LOL
I reborned two new babies this past month, Will and Franklin, they were supposed to be listed for sale but I fell in love with them both and couldnt part with them.
Eureka! My nursery is full lol
So im hoping im not the only one who has an abundance of babies lol


just one for me

Fortunately every baby I have done so far has sold. In the mist of it I never kept any for myself. So right now I have 2 that are done in my craft room that I plan to keep and that’s not even counting the kits I have stocked up. I already know Asher and Presley kits will not be sold when done. Love those little faces and features on them. The rest we will see as we go. Everytime BB has sales I can’t resist. So for me I have many many kits screaming my name. LOL!!!

I have one in my personal collection…not because I only want one, but every time I make a baby for myself I always end up giving it away to my family. My Daughter is TOTALLY in love with reborns so she gets most of them. I am working on Tibby and Stormy right now hopefully they will be my keepers.

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Ok now I feel worse LOL
I need to have more will power to part with them :frowning:
Oh I got my Asher yesterday (love him!) and I have Presley awake and asleep. I can tell already Asher may become a keeper, this sculpt is darling! Uh oh, baby # 69 lol
Here are my last two creations…how can I let them go? noooo :frowning:


I sell all the babies that I make. I dream of having a baby that I will keep for myself but it hasn’t happened yet. I do get kind of sad when my nursery is empty,


Thank you :slight_smile: that makes me feel better. I do love them, they bring me joy

p.s how to I reply with quote?

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I have 5 babies in mine. I just couldn’t part with Presley asleep, so she made the fifth. Two of mine were dolls I ordered on line, but were not made well, which is why I went into reborning. One I got from an estate sale. It has silicone arms and legs, and a vinyl head which is really different.

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Wow silicone limbs and a vinyl head is really different!
I got into reborning the same way, purchased a few made not that well and thought id try it for myself, which saves money compared to buying one already done, but bad because I keep half of what I make lol

Oh yay it worked!! Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:


Thats a nice number to have.
I too have most of mine stored. All the silicones are in my nursery, about 20 of them, and the reborns are in large storage bins stacked up in a closet.
I swaddle them in blankets and label the bins so I know whos in what

I have a full sized baby crib that I keep my babies in until they are shipped out. I love the way they look so real “sleeping” in a real bed.

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I’m very excited to see all the replies. I thought maybe I was nuts feeling emotional about giving up my babies. By the time I finish one I feel attached. I have a LARGE stock of kits but every time I make one it’s sold or gone as a gift. I’ve decided to keep Asher asleep and Presley awake for myself. I want to get a crib but I’m afraid my husband will have me committed…ha ha.

It is not crazy to have a crib. It is a wonderful photo prop for photographing your work,

Yay im not alone!! lol
Maybe we should just buy kits we dont like then it wont be so bad letting them go lol
Having a crib is wonderful. I have a full decked out nursery, in fact I have more for my fake babies than I did when my real children were babies…dang that doesnt sound right does it? lol

I have more for my dolls than I did for my children because I can afford it now that my children are all grown and gone! lol

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Yes so true! lol

I have five in my collection; Two are from swaps, two I purchased, one I got from a friend. I re-reborned the first one I purchase so she is the only one I actually painted. I would have many,many more if I could.

I think maybe there should be a support group for husbands/boyfriends of reborners. My husband is so great at telling me what a wonderful job I do but he does think it’s creapy when I hold them and pat them as if they can feel it. Lol.


I have only 3 . My first and second ever reborned and one other. But I will probably give a couple of them away when I find someone in my friends group who would like one. Always happy to know the buyer loves the ones I do sell. It is my hobby and I love it. I have a number of kits waiting for me and only buy the ones that I personally like. In the beginning I had no idea, so I have a few kits that I may end up selling in kit form as I have others that I’m excited about getting started on.