How long does it take

Ah, but going to a job means you won’t get reborn “burn out” and gives you something to look forward too in your spare time. Works for me!
Plus pay day is extra dolly $$$ day. Lol And that’s the silver lining!


No need to blush. I was just giving credit where credit’s due.

Thank you for sharing your quick drying tricks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lamp like that offered before, but that’s a great idea. It looks like it has a kind of spring flange on each side to hold it n place. Unfortunately, I’m full of questions now.:smile:

  • Do those flanges (the metal sticking out on each side) go inside the head to stabilise the head so the bulb doesn’t touch the walls?
  • If they do go inside, do they get in the glued area sometimes?
  • Where did you buy it?

Thanks again, Starr! (Your momma knew what she was doing when she named you :wink:)

Lolol I work for my husband! And I don’t really get paid!!! Lol and I hate my job!!! Hahahahahhahahahah

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Sorry… Explosion there! Lololol I’ll be fine… Just had to get it out! Lolololol


One of the other ladies recently posted a rooting video with one of those lamps… I think it was @lisalampe… I will try to find the post.

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Don’t forget these lamps are German and require a different power source than we have here in the USA.!!!

So, you do not root with it inside the head? I just bought one couple of days ago; waiting for delivery. Hope it is not just another one of those ideas that look great but do not really work all that well… :slight_smile:


We have found out that Jana has it all under control and has transformers for those going to the USA

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Yes I saw the documentary too, but even they said, if I remember correctly, that it takes them couple of days to make one doll from start to finish. The guy did the rooting by stabbing at the head at some speed and inserting several hairs with each stab.


I think there is one team that does painted hair but it’s basic, kind of straight line pattern from the crown.

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It arrived, and so far I love it; I think I will finally be able to root at night. It lights up the head beautifully and as it heats from inside out , the head keeps its temperature better. It has only 15w lamp instead of my 150w agricultural heat lamp, the power saving will be also good; not to mention that in the summer it was bit silly to have this huge heating lamp next to me while rooting.

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I think this is the coolest thing!!!


I always have 2 or three going at the same time lol

Yes, it is made for that…What I was meaning about not leaving it in for long was in reference to using it to help cure the glue…

Love you too Michelle!!! :kissing_heart:

I am not sure that you can get them in the USA but they are from Germany and the voltage is different though they may make something like them there or you may can get an adaptor??? Only seen them here in OZ though I am sure they are in other places

They don’t fit all doll heads…mostly the regular newborn sizes…little bitty heads and huge heads - not great…they take a frig or stove bulb so that will give you an idea of how warm they get…just nice - not overly hot

Here is how they work

I never put them up in the head when the glue is wet, wet…only use it once the glue is mostly dry and just needs a final cure…(You wouldn’t use it on glues like E6000, etc as they don’t do well with heat - not to mention fumes from heated E6000 probably not a good thing…They are really designed to soften hard heads for rooting…

Just thought it may be fun to to show that it can be done in one day so tomorrow I will take a kit and put it blank beside the computer screen with the date and time up so that it shows the date and time…then take a photo when I am done painting beside the screen again and then one after rooting and then final shots when bubs is done…(I will make sure that I have a recent forum topic up so that you can see that it is legit)…This is just for fun and to show that a quality reborn can be done in one day (also it will put me on schedule for my customs that are due the first week of March since I will be gone 4 days next week which will put me behind…lol) …it is a bit hectic and I have to stay on top of it from the minute I start but I can and have done it so looking forward to a challenge…heehee…I have a Naomi or an Isaac custom order that is scheduled to go out in March that I have not started yet (other than a bath…that I will do today to have the kit ready to paint tomorrow.) so you ladies choose which one I should do for the marathon .I will go to bed earlier tonight so that I have a straight run through.tomorrow… I’ll make sure I micro root one to two hairs per hole as well so no pluggy rooting - it is a custom order after all…lol :smile:

Then If you ladies will critique my finished doll and let me know what you think and if the quality is not up to standard when I post finished shots, I will buy another sculpt and do another for the lady who ordered this one.


OH my… that is not necessary, at least not for my sake. I believe you. I know if you say it can be done, it can. From what I’ve seen about you, you’ve always been super helpful to all of us and honest while being diplomatic. So if you are doing it for fun, have at it, but don’t feel you need to prove it or add more stress to your already hectic schedule.

When I mentioned the glue, it was because I knew you had a trick or two up your sleeve. I let Mother Nature have her way and my head took more than 2 days to dry a thicker layer of Fabric Fusion. I have to glue my next head soon and would hope it dries faster so I thought I’d ask. I used to only paint and this rooting thing makes lovely hair but there can be complications. :smile: Thanks for the tips! I have a little bulb here that might work for heating it up. But I wonder if Fabric Fushion just melts at high temps? Thanks @westernstarr

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Oh no…was not going to do it because I thought anyone doubted it…Sorry if it came across that way… have 2 reasons…One is that I thought it would be fun to do a time lapse just so I can see for myself how long each section takes me within a one day period and the second reason is that I have 2 customs that are due by the 6th of March and have not started either we will be gone 4 days next week so that sort of puts me in a bit of a bind getting them done as I lose 4 days reborning so I figured that if I made myself do the “One doll in one day” time lapse thing for fun for the forum, it would help me get ahead and might be able to get both out on schedule…lol

Sorry if it sounded like I was offended of felt like I needed to prove myself…I am pretty honest and still a bit gullible so it never really occurred to me that some one would think I was making things up…lolololol maybe I need to go back and reword it if it sounds defensive…was not meant to be…

No,was just thinking it might be fun…and productive…lol :smile:


Go for it Starr, I would love to see a time lapse of your work----and in ONE day, gosh that’s unheard of, you are definitely a rock starr!!! Maybe I can pick up a few tip to help me speed up a little bit. I seem to take forever to get a baby done!!


Sounds like fun Star, I can’t wait to see the pictures. :slight_smile:

So any preference between Isaac and Naomi for me to do for my One Day Marathon Self Challenge"?

I have washed both kits and they should be dry in a few hours…I will go to bed in the next couple of hours (it is 4:20am here at the moment…) so will go to bed around 6am and will get up a bit earlier and once I have a cup of coffee of two, I will start…Sort of looking forward to it…lol I like when I have a challenge…it motivates me to get things done…lol