HELP! Sealing baby's hair?

I just received my beautiful little girl and she’s perfect but her hair is SO hard to style! How do I seal it? Or does anyone know anyone who can? Please help! I’ve attached a picture a reborn that has rooted hair that is sealed.


I think the picture you posted is a baby with painted hair…

Your baby is rooted?

Yes, my baby is rooted. I talked to the owner of that baby, and his hair is rooted.

The hair should be glued on the inside if it is rooted.
I don’t know of anyone sealing the actual hair from the outside…

Just using detangler/conditioner to wet and brush/style it… So I am not sure what you are meaning.

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The pictured baby looks like painted hair to me. But anyway, you do not need to seal anything. If your baby is complete then all you do is use a detangler when brushing it. That’s all.


I’m confused also. Your artist should have already sealed the hair from the inside. The doll that you posted looks like painted hair to me. Or maybe a combi.

The pictured baby has rooted hair, I’ve asked the mommy. But his hair is sealed in place. I’ve used detangler, but her hair still gets messed up :frowning:

Babies with rooted hair do get messed up every time u change them, hold them, move them, ect, ect. I’ve seen the applied hair like Melissa George does, where it’s not actually rooted but just placed on the head and has varnish over it but to me that defeats the purpose of rooted hair, mis well have painted hair with texture. I like rooted hair bc of the soft feel of it as well as combing and styling it so if it was sealed into place I couldn’t have any of that. Maybe ask the artist of the above baby what she used to seal the outside of the rooted hair with and decide if that’s something you would like to do?


I think she’s asking can you seal the hair from the outside to make it stay put. I know you are saying the baby in the picture hair is rooted but it looks to be painted hair.

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Maybe it is varnished down to hold it in place,but if that is the case I think you would go with painted hair instead.

The hair on real babies gets messy too. Just style it after you are done dressing your baby. Let it dry before you handle her. It’s real hair, so it get’s messy. That’s part of the fun of rooted hair; that is styling it.


so true ,I love rooted hair on my reborns. I do have several repeat customers that want painted hair on all their babies though.

Really Mary Jane?
.Are they allergic? ive seen some really well painted but mohair is more real That suprises me.

I have no idea.Some of my best customers want painted hair and fake lashes.I asked one recently,she has 7 of my babies,could I root the hair and lashes on her newest? She said no,I love the painted hair on my babies and like big lashes.To each his own.Those big spidery lashes are scary but if that’s what she wants and it’s her $$$$ she spending so I give her what she wants,and she pays me $$$$.Happy customer and more dolly dollars for me…Edit to add when I get her newest 2 done,she will have 7 that she has ordered so far this year.

Thats true her $$$$

Just curious seeing how you talked to the mommy of this baby, how does she get her babies hair to stay down and styled like that? I have never seen a reborn with rooted hair that didn’t get messy constantly.

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the baby may have what some are calling applied hair only they are rooting it first and then using mediums to "comb the hairs down and stick it in place - this looks wet and shiny on all the ones I have seen and unless on a just born baby takes away from the realism to me - also not sure how it would hold up - but I think that is what your asking about


I think Evon did an Owen that way recently… I will find him :slight_smile:


You can use varnish to seal down a baby’s rooted hair. It makes it stiff and hard though and while it looks kind of nice, I prefer painted hair. I think it looks like the hair in the 1st photo was varnished to stay put. I tried it on a Trey once years ago because I hate when the hair gets messed up too.


I spay on a small amount of no more tears or better the BB conditioner and comb.