Help on AA baby

I think I got my AA baby too dark. Is there a way to lighten him?

Not sure, I had this happen before; attempted to lighten and ended up having to strip. Hopefully a more experienced person can shed some light.

I have not figured out a way to lighten them other then stripping.

AA 's have all different skin tones ranging from very light to very dark.Show us a picture.

The only thing that worked for one I did too dark was mint green washes alternated with a lighter flesh wash. Many layers though. It does cover over the details like mottling, blushing and shading so I had to touch those up after I got her where I wanted her skintone. This was how she turned out. She was originally too dark but turned out fine when I finished her.


She is darling.

I wanted her dark and was okay with her. I even started rooting. Then this morning I began looking at babies and even though I did find some as dark as her, I don’t think I have seen any reborns this dark.


You may not have seen many reborns this dark but many many AA babies are dark.I had a lady ask me just the other day could I do one as dark as her and I told her I had never been able to achieve anything that looked near as dark as her.Your baby is just about the skin tone that she is.You may be surprised that somebody may be looking for a baby just this skin color.What kit is she? I may try to make a darker baby and I like the look of this kit.


She is fine! There are babies that dark! Just add highlights instead of trying to lighten the baby. I think the color is fine. JMO!

Internet pics!


It is Asriel by Jorja Pigott, long sold out. I watched for two years for it and finally bought one on Doll Forum. I am sure they are out there but are hard to find.

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When you say highlights, do you mean more shading?

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I meant the opposite, I am not as good as you are but I would add lighter tones where the light or sun would normally be on the face like cheeks forehead nose and chin. Like on the second pic. But I do think the baby is fine!

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Thank you, I will start on that right now.

Her color is fine! There are alot of ladies on Facebook in the group Reborn dolls of color who would love to have a darker AA baby. I’ve even seen ladies post on there that they want a baby that has a darker skintone.

Thank you. I will check that group out. Do you not sleep either?

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I love her skin tone!!!

Very little sleep lol. I try but my mind just keeps going. All the years working third shift caused me to be a night owl. I can’t sleep during the day because of the little one. I’m lucky if I get 2 to 3 hrs of sleep at night.

Yours turned great but mine ended up a mess, lol. I tried the mint washes and flesh but color got bad, so I stripped. Mine was too dark because I was following a color guide that used Raw umber.

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I’m no expert on AA babies, but when mine get too dark of whatever shade, I find that highlights brighten them up enough to look good.

As far as this complexion goes, it’s realistic. There are very few dark skinned reborns, so you should have people fighting over this one in no time at all.

P.s. I have seen one darker than this one recently.


I agree @MichelleP20

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