Help, hairs under paint

Can anyone advise on how to remove tiny hairs, I zoomed in to a photo I took and there are so many on the vinyl and possible even under the paint, I can’t see them until I zoom in so I didn’t notice them until now, I have tried brushing them & tweezers but they won’t come off :sleepy:

Is the entire kit like that? You could try some Winsor and Newton Varnish Remover. It’s supposed to take off the varnish without removing the paint. I only just read about it. I’ve never tried it but it might be worth a shot. Otherwise, I think you may have to strip it.

I usually take a straight pin and lift on a piece, so I can get a hold of it with tweezers.

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No it’s just the head, it’s not been varnished yet and I’m using acrylics x

@sewhot’s suggestion might work but it would be awfully time consuming.

Will give that a go x

It sure works for me, I have to do it a lot. I honestly don’t know where all these little hairs come from, I vacuum every day! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ditto, I’ve never found an easy way. I do this and than add a few more mottling layers to cover up any little lines left from the hair once its out. I haven’t had this issue recently but used to deal with it constantly when my work station was near my central air vent. I don’t envy you right now!!

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They are not budging :sleepy: think I’m going to have to strip it and start again, I don’t know where they have come from, I’m guessing just dust in the air x

I’m sure you’ve already tried this first but I’ve been able to get ones out that a pin didn’t work on by just scratching them with my fingernail carefully, just enough to get a corner you to grab with tweezers.

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No I tried my finger nail but didn’t work, I managed to get a few off but I think most are under the paint and stuck down, I’m just going to strip the paint off and start again but if anyone has any tips in how they stop this happening so much then please tell me because I don’t want to go through all that work again and the same thing happen, so annoyed that I didn’t notice them earlier, think I need to buy a magnifying glass so I can check after every layer x

There are too many, so you probably have to strip.

I use air dry and do get them, but here’s what I do to prevent them:

Keep my workspace as clean as I can
Keep my brushes covered
Keep a lint roller on my desk, pounce brush into that before using to remove any dust or loose bristles
Make sure bristles aren’t dry and breaking off
Keep my dolls covered when I’m not working on them
Go over them after each layer and remove debris with a toothpick

It must depend on where you live. Ive used air dry paints since day one and I can honestly say I’ve never had a problem with dust, hair or lint sticking to my babies.

I have been using normal artists acrylics and mixing my own colours but they are a bit sticky until the have dried completely, maybe that’s the issue, I also had an old towel on my work station to prevent paint getting on the desk, that’s probably a bad idea too as it’s probably holding dust, tomorrow I’m going to deep clean the whole area before I attempt to start again.

What do you use to cover your doll when your not working on it?

What part of the head is that? Can it be excused as peach fuzz?

Try a puppy pad instead of a towel, it should help reduce hairs! A big blush brush/fan highlight brush should help brushing them off if you take breaks from painting.

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I cover my whole work area with flour sack towels when I’m not sitting at it because they don’t shed lint.


A sheet.

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