Help, hairs under paint

I use an old white tee shirt to wipe the dust off just before I start a new layer.

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It’s everywhere on the head & face so I don’t think I would get away with it looking like peach fuzz, have started stripping it now anyway x

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Thank you all for the advice x

I’m beginning to wonder if certain brands of cosmetic wedges attract more lint? I just bought wedges at Dollar Tree. I love that they are dense, but I swear, after I wipe the kit completely clean, I start pouncing, and there are those little black fuzzy hairs! They are making me crazy! I’m going to switch back to my ones from Wal Mart and see if they’re better.

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You could be right, I stripped the whole lot, got rid of the towel I was using on the work station and cleaned all my sponges and brushes, when I repainted I didn’t have the problem so it’s either the towel or the sponges/brushes x


I get lint and specks from brushes and sponges. It’s annoying as all get out! Having not been an online seller, or a member of an online community like this one, I never knew if anyone else dealt with these little things or if there were secret anti-lint methods to which I was clueless! Lol!

I use air dry paints and have found that even after sealing, I can get 99% of the specks to lift out by wetting a brush and lightly swirling it over top of it. I’ve never had an issue with paint coming off or this causing damage…it’s weird that it doesn’t, BUT, I’m so thankful as it has saved my hiney seeeeeeveral times!

Also, clean your brushes really good. All sorts of debris can transfer onto the kit if not. I have a horrible time with dust on everything in my house. Air system, constant opening of doors for pets, pets, dust from neighborhood construction and constant Oklahoma wind… It’s always windy! If I find myself taking to long between layers, I usually do a quick shot with the kitchen sprayer. Let dry then continue.