Has anyone done Kyle by Pat Moulton

I have looked at Kyle several times, and right now he is on sale for $14.98. I think he has a sweet face, but it doesn’t seem like he has much detail, especially his ears, hands & feet. I am just wondering if anyone has a Kyle kit or has reborned one, can you give me your input/opinion?

Same with Amber… No detail! And she has terrible ears!

Him and Amber share the same limbs if I am not mistaken. Absolutely do not like their limbs.

Here’s mine ignore the pink hat. He was like my second or third reborn. Never finished him lol he is just sitting. I took him out 2 days ago and was going to finish him but put him back: Sooner or later he’ll get done. This is where I got. I have spare of Londyns limbs so I may substitute them for the other. I think they would actually look better for him. He’s really cute just don’t like his limbs.

Sorry for the horrible picture!


I have him here along with Amber and Nicholas…Love their faces but hate the limbs…haha! I will be replacing the limbs with others…several ladies on here suggested Scarlet limbs which I do like…so will probably go with those…


I am glad you ladies brought up substituting limbs, because I came upon Tabatha when I was looking through the page of discontinued kits and I love her head but do not like her limbs at all. I was not sure if it was “ok” to substitute parts and was actually going to ask the group if this is something that people do or if it was frowned upon amongst the reborn community


I think as long as you clearly state the limbs are from a different kit if you try selling it…

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Yes you can sub them and as Jenni said, just mention it in your listing…The only time I would not substitute limbs is if it is a Limited Edition kit, if you are expecting to sell to collectors as most prefer to have them in original issue… :smile:


I did Kyle once. Love his little face.


Awww he is so cute!!! (still don’t like his limbs though…heehee - not your fault…just don’t like the skinny fingers with too tiny nail beds and the legs are too stiff looking with not enough definition between the ankle and calf…) You have done a lovely job with him though…makes me want to get mine out and paint his head but I have 7 full painted heads on my desk now and have yet to get a single set of limbs finished so I don’t need any more head floating around at the moment - I actually have 4 other partially painted head in progress as well…I am so naughty…I can’t focus on getting one single thing finished at the moment except my swap baby…lol)

Love yours too Cierra!


I don’t like his hands particularly. I think I could deal with the legs and feet. It is the hands.

Thank you.

Yep, I didn’t care for his limbs either. If I ever reborn him again, I will be changing them out. His face is too cute though.

I agree and I love the way both you ladies have done yours…he is soooooo adorable :smile:

You are correct, They do have the same limbs. I had never even looked at Amber because she does not look very cute in the picture of her that you see when just scrolling through all the kits. I just went to look at her and she has a very cute face also, but her ears and limbs look just like Kyle’s. I always make sure to look at the unreborn vinyl before I buy a kit, because a lot these artists that do the prototypes are so amazing that it is easy to look at the prototype and base your decision on that, instead of the blank canvas that is going to be what you have to work with.

Another good way to judge is to enter the name in your internet search and look at images…You will see all kinds of versions of the baby (most of them anyway) and you can see what it looks like done excellent, very well, well, not so well and poorly…lol that is how I judge many times on whether I buy a kit or not. If you see that the majority of people reborning a particular kit aren’t having much luck in making it cute…most likely it is a kit that only the best of the best can make appealing…so I walk away unless I just love it for some reason…lol :smile:

That is a great idea. I am still new to reborning, I started in April, but haven’t finished my first baby yet. I had a tragedy with her lips and have been stuck on her lips for months. I think I am going to set her aside and just start on another baby and once I have more experience and know more, maybe I will learn some way to fix her lips and finish her.

The only time I don’t think I should change limbs is if it’s a LE kit. I love Kyle’s face but the babies with those limbs are hard to pose. They’re too stiff.

Did he have those strange ears and pintyfingers?P. Moulton s ears look like she forgot to finish them.


Totally!!! I can’t get past those ears:-(

Chrisy has those ears too. I thought they were really unrealistic until I saw a real baby with ears just like that. Poor kid.