Ugh I was naughty this week. Got 2 auroras, a Presley, a serenity, and a few others. Hubby got online to check the cards. I hear… " WTH , your baby habits outta control!"
Then the ceremonial " handing over the cards"
Maybe I do need a 12 step program. Lol
I’m not even going to tell him about the prepaid paypal card I bought. Shhhhhh
Hey never know when there’s a good sell gotta have a backup !

Ugh that’s a sign of addiction if I ever heard one
:::: hangs head in shame::::::


For shame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks like the reborning addiction has got you in its grip :laughing:


So how do you ladies who buy multiples at once store them??? I need ideas. Right now I only have 3 kits left to do BUT I want storage for everything so my kids will stay out of it. I am thinking like an armoire or something… with closing door I can at least child proof…


FWIW, I keep my card info in a Notepad file…it makes it easier to order online. All I have to do is copy/paste. I don’t even have to have the card in my hand. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I keep mine in tubs that my hubby bought for me. I keep a 3x5 card in the front with the kit info (or the COA).


I am grounding myself till almost all of these plus another 20 or so stored in a small crib covered with a blanket are used…love reborning but not the expense of all this…plus the bodies eyes,hair and clothing to complete almost all of them…way too carried away!!!


OMG I want to raid your cabinet lol. That’s a cabinet full of Christmas joy right there!

I store mine in containers similar to what @AmyR777 does. I’d limited myself to the 20 containers/kits that fit neatly in the closet, but that didn’t last especially with the Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday sales. So not the overflows are stacked on the floor and it’s driving me crazy. All joking aside I have a mild form of OCD and stuff out of place or not stored together with like items makes me crazy. (Like that box of gloves and piece of fiberfill lol)


Oh, so many kits!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am absolutely drooling just looking at all those kits :heart_eyes:


Drooling… I think I heard a choir sing while looking at that pic


The choir would not be singing happy songs if they had all the bills that go along with all this…!!..:slight_smile:


Wow just wow!


And paints and hair, eyes etc.

all behind closed doors as well lol…:slight_smile:


Shhh stop
I hear the voices …


I would skip and sing every morning waking up to that. Of course, I’d be living in the backyard. But I’d still skip dangit


Lololololol I’m with ya sister! I have been grounded for months… But somehow have managed to buy more than ever. I’m getting a little to good at being sneaky! Just wait until you REALLY want a sculpt, or find a good deal… You will ALWAYS find a way!!! Lol Now I just have to get back to painting my little beauties!!! :heart:


You can go a step further and tell him you’ll report him for “Elder Abuse”!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My brother tells me that all the time.


I’ve grounded myself :joy: Everything from now on has got to go to the ROSE fund! At least that’s the plan…don’t judge me if I end up with a new baby in the future. :sweat_smile:


I just showed my hubby how bad you ladies are!! his eyes about popped out of his head! haha :wink: I am very, very strong willed with this addiction. I buy one or two -reborn and sell then use my doll money to buy more. I have no credit cards(never have) & I do use prepaid cards but it is my money. He is a golfer so his addiction actually cost 85 % more than mine :smiley: So we have an agreement of sorts. I even do not have a storage of baby items. With each reborn I specifically run and buy just for him/her before I sell. I do not even own a keeper. I wish I had as many kits as you do though, I’d be as happy as a bee with a pot of honey! :blush: At the moment I have two I am reborning (one sold -one for sell) and two waiting to be started on. I wanted Aurora Sky and I didn’t get her. :frowning: But I will one day make one that is just for me to keep. I even wanted to do the April swap but can not fit it into my time. I will plan for the next swap for sure though.


That is a terrible idea, Amy. I MUST implement it immediately!


Hehehe!!! Sorry I’m a bad influence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: