Gracie Mae by LLE

I’m so excited-----I got my Gracie Mae kit today and she is SO Cute!! She reminds me a lot of Miracle but smaller. LLE babies all have that “LLE Look” know what I mean, I love her kits and they are so nicely done. Can’t wait to paint this one and I haven’t painted a baby in probably 2 years or so. Did anyone who ordered her, receive her yet?


There is another thread with comments from people that have received her…

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See how I am? I never see the “stuff” I need to see before I open my mouth!! LOL


Happens to all of us….

I got mine yesterday too!!! :grin:

I got my two kits yesterday. What a cutie pie!! But yes you can tell she is a LLE sculpt. Most all sculptors babies favor lol. At least to me they do.